What's your weakness?

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    Being a sports/health nut I've never understood the shoes/bags thing. Whack on my trainers and chuck my keys/wallet/phone in my pockets and I'm outta there. But often women's clothes don't come with pockets so I'm forced to use a bag anyway! Grr.

    I don't think it helps having big feet, so most of the time I see some shoes I like they are not in my size!

    My weakness is... health food. Take me to a health food shop and I go under a spell - looking at all the strange new foods and supplements that I am sure will give me more energy and make me look/feel younger! When what I really need to do is put away my wallet and go home and have a nap - that is what would give me more energy!!!

    My MIL is a cookbook and recipe addict - she drives me mad. She buys me cooking equipment and emails me recipes all the time, no matter how many times I tell her I don't like to cook. Maybe I should pass her details to a few people on here?! (and really, she's very nice so I feel bad complaining!)

    I also used to be a make-up addict but am now following Martin's 'use it up' policy. The amount I have, I won't need to buy anything new for ten years!
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    I don't think it helps having big feet, so most of the time I see some shoes I like they are not in my size!

    I have big feet BUT this means I won't throw shoes away or by ones that fit and I only sort of like.

    Same with health foods- I think I will suddenly be more healthy. Occsionally a pop psychology book that mean I think I will transform into being how I want to be!:j

    Or vitamins and supplements. Only thing is I take them for a week (if I am lucky) then forget about them..:confused:

    Oh and bags, books, beauty products and CLOTHES!! Also, candles and cushions have ben past favorites. Plus CAKE! THEN I want to replace things. For example, I ahve a bee in my bonnet atthe moment about wanting new crockery??? WHY??? In fact, most things at some point. I have been better for the last few months but know I go through stages. What is the offical definition of a shopoholic??? I am gearing myself up for doing the budget/ debt thingy on here...:o
    Green and minimal chemicals is the new black- I know a fair old bit about sustainability, specially energy and transport stuff. If I can help- please ask!
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    My OH would happily spend all of his money in HMV etc on DVD Boxsets and CD's...

    I think my own weakness is nice food - especially vegetables. And visiting pubs (for juice as much as whiskey, but still)... but most of my debt came from gig tickets and nonsense whilst at University rather than these. x

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    I used to be a shoes & handbags kind of girl. But things have changed as I have gotten more practical as I grew older.

    Nowadays my weakness is computer parts. When I get the Novatech catalogue or the newsletter, I just HAVE to look at the latest motherboard (even though I changed mine last year), the latest SATA drive (changed 2 months ago) ......
    Sad I know :o
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    Triker wrote: »
    But bags are better because they don't make your feet hurt.:rotfl:

    it's sometimes easier to get a bag that will fit you as well, if you know what I mean!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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    Trying not to waste food!:j
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    I've got a vinyl fetish.

    I thought I'd recovered but herself lost me at the weekend & found me in the back bedroom - sat cross-legged on the floor putting the LPs back into alphabetical order. I haven't bought a record in years (even seriously contemplated selling the collection) but the temptation is still there..

    Must actually find the turntable & listen to some of the damn things. It all got stored away until we could get the sitting room decorated but the money ran out after doing wiring & heating.
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    Hmmmm weaknesses, this is a topic I'm good at :T I certainly have the clothes thing going on, I currently own 23 pairs of jeans in various sizes from 6 to 12. In fact my clothes are in everyone's wardrobes in the house (poor hubby has a corner of one). I have more shoes than is polite and can't resist clinique.

    My biggest and most expensive weakness is music though, I have 4 drum kits in the house with all manner of percussion instruments (even though I rarely play percussion). I won't admit to how much I've spent on this over the years but it's enough to buy a small semi in a not too shabby part of town. However, they bring in the cash too so aren't just nice to have things. Honestly :o
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    Triker wrote: »
    done the grey hair on the head thing, discovered a white hair :eek: on my leg, whats that all about eh?:D
    I know what you mean Triker, I have a persistent grey hair in the middle of my right eyebrow! I'm pretending there is a freckle underneath it and the colour can't get through it.

    My weakness is pot plants. I will have to buy a house with a glass room one of these days. Curiously enough, I am especially tempted by the ones that are dying, I feel sorry for them :o and try to bring them back to life. If there is a tatty looking one amongst all the good ones, it will always be me who buys the tatty one.
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  • A brilliant thread Triker.

    My weaknesses are clothes for my little girl there really is just too much choice and handbags.

    Have curbed the handbag thing since having my LBM though but still like to mooch for them in the vain hope for that ultimate bargain :o
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  • I don't really shop a lot but I think one of my weaknesses is paying to access websites - ie photo editing and the like - which I find difficult to resist!

    Also just laziness - buying magazines and chocolate and rubbish etc. - when I'm tired or hungover is definitely a weakness of mine!

    When I'm in the shopping mood, books are definitely what I would go for and then clothes...
    Fiona xx


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