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What's your weakness?

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  • My weakness as you may guess by my name is handbags - I love em. If they are a really low price.....fantastic. Don't own any designer ones as would be too scared to put them down. A lovely classic balck leather one....just the job.
  • KevichoKevicho Forumite
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    Beer, slot machines and women.

    But arent they just about every guys weakness?
  • yeslekyeslek Forumite
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    any form of media - cd, blu-ray, games, books, dvd...

    and cinema, but i've managed to wangle freebies thanks to this site, nectar and orange wednesdays
  • TNGTNG Forumite
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    Triker wrote: »
    Hello everyone, I just wondered if anyone else had a certain 'ahem' weakness whereby however hard you try not to, you just haven't been able to resist having.

    Redheads :D:D
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  • My weekness is books books and more books. I buy them from the carboot never paying more than 50p for them. But what do I do with them when I have read them. I have over 100 in boxes under the beds. I also collect aaron knitting patterns. I think my family are relieved I cant knit due to a gammy hand.
  • MarishkaMarishka Forumite
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    books books books books - I could build a new house from all the books stored round here although, to be fair, many of them are gifts from people who know me well, many are from skips and house clearances and two are by Martin. I must admit, though, that another lot come from Amazon, Waterstones, ebay, and so on!
    a wombling we will go...
  • EverTheOptimistEverTheOptimist Forumite
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    Hi guys

    Have to say my weaknesses in no particular order

    Books - think i have more unread than read ones at mo, just cant help myself

    Food - finding grocery challenge really difficult as love food shopping.

    Hot choc with cream and marshmallows from Costa

    Tho I am very fickle as my weaknesses change so regularly.

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  • i have a few :rotfl: music downloads (i am running out of that offer that was on the grabbit board), craft stuff, duvet covers (however since i brought a different size bed i have only brought 2 and had 2 as a gift) and water (i know its free out of the tap but me and buxton has a love affair :o )
  • Oh dear. I have a lot :o

    Radley Handbags - I have three, all in different sizes and them to bits.

    Kitchen bits - was obsessed by kenwood chefs- but then realised that the 'TV chefs' generally had a Kitchen Aid...spotted one new on Amazon for £149.99....had a look yesterday, it's gone back up to £299.99 :D So it was rather MSE. Cos I HAD to have it, ya know ;)
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    With me it's bargains - doesn't really matter what as long as it's cheap - my OH says it's not a bargain unless you need it I suppose that's true. I have a bathroom cupboard that would put Boots to shame, a shoe closet thats bulging, handbags galore, an attic & 2 sheds that can hardly cope. Definetly starting the bootsales ( selling instead of buying ) as soon as it gets warmish again. Would Ebay but it does take a lot of time !! Find it hard to get motivated for anything in the Winter. Getting married in 8 weeks time ( at least he knows what he's getting himself in for !! )
    Busy mum of 3, so if my posts don't make sense or ask a silly question be patient:rotfl:
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