The Great ‘Recycle and Reuse’ Christmas Things Hunt



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    Primrose wrote: »
    All those scented & Christmas candles which are given as gifts never fully burn down properly and most of the wax gets wasted. Does anybody know where you can buy new wicks so that all the wax from these candles can be melted down, amalgamated and new candles made?

    I do this to use up left over candles....

    If you have a 'real' fire. Nip down to your local woods and collect a bag of pinecones, any size,shape - they don't have to be perfect for this. Dry overnight and then dip into melted wax to lightly coat. Leave to set, Can be used to get your fire started & saves on commercial firelighters.

    If you have some really nice cones and left over wax - why not make some and stack them in a basket as a countrystyle Xmas 2009 presentfor 'real' fire owning friends and relatives? can glitz them up by sprinkling with glitter/recycled table confetti before the wax sets
    :rotfl: Sorry to talk about this Xmas but I start my preparations early!:rotfl:
  • OMR wrote: »
    Mostly we reuse Christmas cards by cutting them in half, using any blank sides for the usual shopping lists & then recycling the rest.
    But a few years ago on the run up to Christmas, I had this barmy idea: we cut all the previous year's cards up into approx 1 inchsquares & sorted them into margarine tubs, one colour to each tub, eg, all the blues in one tub, all the reds, greens etc. (Patterned or plain bits, as long as the colours vaguely matched.) Then we constructed a huge backdrop of paper, approx 6' high & 8' wide, & hung it in our hallway. On that we then drew the heads & shoulders of 3 Kings & a couple of camels, & we stuck all the bits of Christmas card onto the paper, making a huge collage. It took 4 of us weeks, doing odd bits whenever we passed by, but it was riveting to watch it grow & was great fun! The result, I have to say, was quite spectacular & we were really surprised how good it was! It sounds completely whacky now, but everyone who came stuck a few bits on & joined in. It was quite a talking point & it cost us next to nothing, just a packet of wallpaper paste. It's still rolled up in our loft, I haven't had the heart to bring it down again as I'm sure all the bits will fall off now. We've not done one since, but maybe it's about time we did!
    I love this idea!
    For next christmas: If you need new tree decorations but don't want to spend too much this works out far cheaper than baubles etc. Keep your eye out for cheap rolls of ribbon (e.g type used to wrap around a cake) but it must have wire threaded through both sides. Cut equal lengths of it and then wrap it around something cylindrical (rolling pin works well) then take of rolling pin. You will have a spiral shape of ribbon that can then be hung off the tree's branches. We did this last year and it looked stunning!:D
  • :j
    gb57 wrote: »

    If you really want a real tree, would it work to buy one with roots and keep it in a pot outside all year?? Has anyone done this?

    Yes, we bought our Christmas Tree in 2000, it was the one with roots in a lovely small pot. After Chritmas we took it out to the balcony and kept bringing it in for Christmas over the next few years. It took so well so it kept growing and growing. Now it is in an enourmous pot on the balcony and it is decorated outside as it is far too heavy to bring it in! Next move will be to the garden! We are renting the house with the Chritmas tree now and the tenants seem to embrace the idea.

    Now we live in a flat, but I still refuse to kill a tree for 2 weeks of joy, so I buy a "living tree" every year and after Chritmas just give it away to one of my friends to plant it in their garden. Yes, it is not a very good moneysaving tip, but it seems such a waste to kill a tree just for 2 weeks!
  • saharapop wrote: »
    I have just filled all the plastic trays from the boxes of chocs we had at christmas with water and popped them in the freezer. Now I will have lots of unusually shaped ice cubes for tonights New Year celebrations.


    I became much more resouceful since becoming a parent. And the above post reminded of what I already do - I reuse all the small plastic trays with separations from sweets for my little boy's painting. We just put the paint in these small trays and wash and reuse them, and only throw the away when they break. Free, clean & simple!
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