The Great ‘Recycle and Reuse’ Christmas Things Hunt



  • Our Xmas cards go to recycling collection of course, but not before I have decimated them to make free postcards for entering competitions!

    A variation on this idea is to cut this year's Christmas cards down to postcard size and use them as Christmas postcards next year, saving the use of envelopes.
    :jThat's 2 stone 9 lbs gone forever:j

    thank you Slimming World!
  • I don't recycle all of my christmas cards, instead I re-use them as gift tags the following year, cutting out my favourites and punching a hole for some nice ribbon to go through. The kids love joining in too, keeping them amused for hours!
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    For others who think that the 'allfreecraft' boxes look a bit complicated, here is a simpler way.

    I'll try to explain, without an illustration.............

    - Separate the front from the back of the card neatly.
    - On the reverse of the front, draw a margin, on all four edges. This will be the depth of the box.
    - Repeat on the written side of the back.
    - Using the blades of your scissors, score along all the lines to make folding easy.
    - Locate the 'squares' (where the lines cross) at each corner and cut one side of each of them.
    - You can now fold the lid and the base of the box and glue the tabs (made by the cut at each corner).
    - I often make a lining for the base out of thin wrapping paper to disguise the written side of the card.

    I hope I have managed to describe this successfully, once you have 'got it' it is really very simple.

    This won't be as strong as the 'allfreecraft' box, but is quick and easy. Definitely something the children can do with supervision if needed.

    We used to use all of our cards to make boxes for a Box Stall at the school Christmas Fair. Just put a sweet or sweet and tombola ticket in each. Some got a sweet and a useful box and some got a prize too.

  • Christmas cards are separated into front and back in our house - fronts are made into gift tags for next year and backs are used for scrap - writing shopping lists, leaving next to the phone to be used as notepaper, etc. My Grandma always saved wrapping paper from one year to the next, but some of the stuff we buy these days is too thin to be opened without tearing (or am I just clumsy?), so mostly it gets used to light the fire in our house, and the ashes, as mentioned previously, can be put on the compost heap.

    To go back to the candle wax issue, I also save small pieces to use on the fire - if it's gone a bit low and needs a boost, a small piece generally gets the fire going again. However, small is the key word - I heard of a lady who took this tip too far and chucked a whole candle on there, and the chimney caught fire! I would say a piece no bigger than half an inch should do the trick.

    Does anyone know of any other charities which accept used stamps? I've always saved them as a matter of course, but only occasionally come across someone who takes them. It would be nice to know of others who need them.
  • janieface - if you have a Conlons opticians in your town , they have bins for both used postage stamps and glasses. Off the top of my head I can't remember which charity they go to, but I assume it would be a sight related one.
  • I collect used stamps for two of my local charities, Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue and Home Counties Boxer Welfare (dogs not men). It takes a lot of time to trim and sort them but its worth it.

    Please dont bin your stamps there are a lot of charities who would benefit from them.

    If you are not reusing your cards for other uses, please give them to the Woodland Trust and not the tip.

    Happy New Year to everyone.
  • I am a Scout Leader and we are collecting used stamps to raise money for our summer trip in 2010 so if anyone wants to send some our way they would be greatly appreciated. (Group is in St Albans and only started in Jan 08!)

    Total debt £15,110 :eek:
  • dawn27
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    I am a Scout Leader and we are collecting used stamps to raise money for our summer trip in 2010 so if anyone wants to send some our way they would be greatly appreciated. (Group is in St Albans and only started in Jan 08!)


    i have collected all my stamps from christmas cards, i would be glad to send you mine if you could let me know where to post them.
    I was saving them for my nephews school but the school is no longer collecting
  • Thank you Dawn27 I have PM'd you our address :)
    Total debt £15,110 :eek:
  • I send my stamps to the RNIB reusing old envelopes, whilst sorting stamps I found 4 that had not been franked / post marked by the post office! Bargain. I've neatly cut them off the envelopes and glued them to the back of those unused envelopes in junk mail. Keep your eyes peeled!
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