The Great ‘Recycle and Reuse’ Christmas Things Hunt



  • rikgear
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    Primrose wrote: »
    All those scented & Christmas candles which are given as gifts never fully burn down properly and most of the wax gets wasted. Does anybody know where you can buy new wicks so that all the wax from these candles can be melted down, amalgamated and new candles made?

    I got some candle wick from Rod Wasp's but i suppose most art and craft shops will sell it. I started collecting leftover wax years ago. in fact its been that long i cant remember where i was putting it?!?!

    Try and keep colours seperate and layer in batches for a more 'arty' finish.
  • gizzie121
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    Is that really a "no money" thinmg to do - It's never occured to me that X-mas Decs are disposable, I thought everyone used them year after yaer?

    Me too - I have only white, silver and clear glass ones and add to the collection every year in the sales.

    The thought of throwing away and starting again seems bizarre to my way of thinking.

    Now I have far too many, but it's fun to add to it, and when the kids fly the nest, they'll have a mini set to take away with them.

    I know my daughter adores the fairy ones, so she can have them, and my son can take the ones he chose as the years went by. This year, he chose 12 bells.

    It's our little tradition.


    I'm rambling. Sorry!
  • gizzie121
    gizzie121 Posts: 79 Forumite
    Shoeboxes covered in torn up christmas wrapping paper bits - papier mache style look great with a coat of varnish.

    I do that, but with flower pictures I cut out from magazines I get from freecycle. I only use two layers of images, but the paper is quite thick, and I use them to store my handmade cards, and sewing bits.

    I was thinking of making some to give away next christmas. I know my neice really wants one.
  • gizzie121
    gizzie121 Posts: 79 Forumite
    Try returning old christmas cards the following year by crossing out and rewriting the names - they're best given face to face so you can see their expressions.:huh: :undecided :D

    I really like that idea. Or, if you didn't want to do it for a joke, just stick a liner inside the card.
  • Hello All

    I bought a real Christmas tree this year, and I read somewhere that you can dry the branches and collect the needles to make potpourri, and use the base to make a bird table.

    I'm going to give it a go, so let me know how you get on if you try it out.

    Hope this helps.
  • We recycle the back of our Christmas cards and keep our favourite front of the cards for bookmarks :)
    The children love coming to my draw and get a new bookmark from the past Christmas.
  • blueguppie wrote: »
    I don't recycle all of my christmas cards, instead I re-use them as gift tags the following year, cutting out my favourites and punching a hole for some nice ribbon to go through. The kids love joining in too, keeping them amused for hours!

    I make greetings cards to sell to raise funds for cancer/hospice charities, being a Cancer Survivor ( diagnosed Jan 2008_ clear scan Dec 2008. :-)
    Now the crunch is hitting them because corporate funding has been decimated. Our local Hospice/nursing support has lost £200,000 future funding for this year.So I take all the parts off the cards that I can re-use then put the other bits in the bin for Woodland Trust.
    I also cannibalise wrappings, cutting out designs to create 3D shapes and using the ribbons, bows etc again.
    This year I tried wrapping without using Sticky tape which makes the paper much easier to re-use.:j

    I also make commissioned cards but need two weeks notice. 100% of proceeds go to the charity, I make £50.00 worth for each fund before moving to the next so I spread the funds around.
    Though I will be concentrating on the local Hospice a bit more as they have been so helpful and supportive to me.

    Nippy Hew Ear to all:T
  • OMR
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    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Mostly we reuse Christmas cards by cutting them in half, using any blank sides for the usual shopping lists & then recycling the rest.
    But a few years ago on the run up to Christmas, I had this barmy idea: we cut all the previous year's cards up into approx 1 inchsquares & sorted them into margarine tubs, one colour to each tub, eg, all the blues in one tub, all the reds, greens etc. (Patterned or plain bits, as long as the colours vaguely matched.) Then we constructed a huge backdrop of paper, approx 6' high & 8' wide, & hung it in our hallway. On that we then drew the heads & shoulders of 3 Kings & a couple of camels, & we stuck all the bits of Christmas card onto the paper, making a huge collage. It took 4 of us weeks, doing odd bits whenever we passed by, but it was riveting to watch it grow & was great fun! The result, I have to say, was quite spectacular & we were really surprised how good it was! It sounds completely whacky now, but everyone who came stuck a few bits on & joined in. It was quite a talking point & it cost us next to nothing, just a packet of wallpaper paste. It's still rolled up in our loft, I haven't had the heart to bring it down again as I'm sure all the bits will fall off now. We've not done one since, but maybe it's about time we did!
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by Wiggly_Worm viewpost.gif
    ...disposable tablecloth! I...would like some tips now please on how to get every last penn'orth of value out of it.

    You could use it to line your car boot, preventing wear and tear and therefore needing cleaning/hoovering less often; use it to line a hanging basket; as a dust cloth if doing some decorating; or if there's large enough clean bits left, cover a file or notebook containing your Xmas 'to do' lists/recipes/present lists etc. Finally, if it's got any usable Christmassy motifs - poinsettias, santas, holly etc, you could cut them out and put aside as part of a November wet-weekend kids project to make Xmas cards or advent calendars etc.

    That's all I can think of for now...
  • OMR I love that idea, unfortunately I took all this years cards to the recyling bin at Tesco on my way to work..... there's always next year.
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