The Great ‘Recycle and Reuse’ Christmas Things Hunt



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    Shoeboxes covered in torn up christmas wrapping paper bits - papier mache style look great with a coat of varnish.

    These would be great as hamper containers - cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying baskets too - thank you

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  • Ianna
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    I pre-empt and ask people not to send me Christmas cards but instead to pop some money to charity. What few I get I recycle. I find it's waaaaay easier to not use these things in the first place rather than try and reuse them.

    Unwanted presents get put in a big box and this Christmas (yes, I'm thinking about next Christmas already!) I'm going to use the things for a shoebox appeal. I saved reusable bits of wrapping paper for the same thing. And unused wrapping paper obviously ;)
  • have instructions for making gift boxes from recycled Christmas cards. I haven't tried it yet but I have saved all my cards with the intention of giving it a go.
  • Our Xmas cards go to recycling collection of course, but not before I have decimated them to make free postcards for entering competitions!
  • Caterina
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    This year I made a very 'green' Christmas wreath for our door:

    I twisted a metal coat hanger into an approximate circle shape and wrapped around it two mesh bags that had contained the organic veg. from my Christmas 'big veg bag' delivery, and which I had kept for the purpose. I secured that with red yarn, and then wrapped around it a few branches of holly and ivy that my friends had brought me from their walk in the countryside.

    More red yarn to keep it all in place and I decorated it with several bows made of colourful ribbons that I had saved from gifts and boxes of chocolate that I had received for my 50th birthday (in August).

    It looked very good on my door!

    Then, after 12th Night, I cut off the greenery and put it in the compost bin, and am saving the metal and mesh base and the ribbons to re-use next year.

    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
  • have instructions for making gift boxes from recycled Christmas cards. I haven't tried it yet but I have saved all my cards with the intention of giving it a go.

    the template looks complicated but worth giving it a go. The website is great though - am going to have a go at the knitting plastic bag strips into a stronger bag one as well - although now that bags are tending to be biodegradable or just plain weak it may not work!:T
  • I am a bit confused about recycling xmas cards. I have a paper collection from my local authority so am I correct to put my xmas cards in the recycling bin? Or should i give them to the woodland trust?

    I would give them to the Woodland Trust as the paper is sold on for recycling anyway and they plant more trees with the money they get.
  • If y ou bought new furniture for Christmas (or are doing in the sales, or know someone who is) reuse the old stuff through
  • Beech Tree Bunnies collect used stamps to raise money to help buy food etc for unwanted rabbits and guineaa pigs. Check out their website at for details of where to send them.
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    In 1986 DH spent an eye-watering £5.00 on two 'latest scientific discoveries' = Christmas cards that played tinny music(he was under the influence of far too much Christmas spirit :rolleyes: ). MiL binned hers in January but my parents re-used it the next year... they gave it back to us :eek: . We have swopped it ever since!

    You can make next year's tree decorations out of this year's cards:

    Or, as stated above, make mini gift boxes, here is the link:

    I re-use giftbags, boxes & santa sacks also we have fabric Xmas stockings & advent calendars that can be re-filled.

    My cotton Christmas table cloth is 18 years old but still going strong & we have a collection of china Christmas plates & serving dishes (many from charity shops etc) to save buying disposables.

    I do make some cards but only if it is economical to do so (and only if the results are attractive :o ) . After sewing & selling at Craft fairs for years I happily make some gifts.
    I can cook and sew, make flowers grow.
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