• jat100
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    If anyone has friends or family who enjoy horseracing, what about adoption of a retired racehorse. After their racing careers are over, a lot of these animals (even the regular winners) are abandoned.
    Receive a Certificate and Photo of your chosen horse together with a Quarterly Greatwood Newsletter informing you of their progress and two annual sanctuary visits to see your horse.
  • klondyke
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    Mmmmm - my daughter said she wanted a goat for Christmas, but, yer know, doing that by buying tokens for virtiual gifts, means you can't take full advantage of Gift Aid (unless anyone knows who accepts CAF vouchers for this type of prezzie?). They are, after all, donations, so there ought to be a way around it.
  • klondyke
    klondyke Posts: 463 Forumite
    Answering myself - Oxfam Unwrapped have a tickbox for Gift Aid Declaration.
  • Thanks a million for this! I have just bought all my friends a really lovely present through this site! I feel so good and am sure they will be chuffed when they receive it! Initially I thought.. would they like getting a card telling them I had just bought a sheep for someone who would really benefit from it? and then I thought.. well if they don't, it says something about them and perhaps will make them think a bit more about others! I know none of my friends will be disappointed, so THANKS again! What a wonderful thing to do at Christmas!

  • pepemia
    pepemia Posts: 51 Forumite
    Hi Thanks
    I just bought a pressie from world vision and very impressed. You even get a lovely free card which you personalise with your own message!
    The delivery was good too about 3 days. So definately a good buy ! and to suit whatever budget.
    Thanks a lot for this thread it feels a bit beter to give something to those in need, no matter how little rather than to big mega bucks stores.
    Oh im getting all soppy now!!
    Brilliant idea, go buy a loo, chicken, blankets..... NOW!
    Old Faithful we roam the range together,
    Old Faithful in any kind of weather,
    When the round up days are over,
    And the Boulevard’s white with clover,
    For you old faithful pal of mine.
    Giddy up old fella cos the moon is yellow tonight,
    Giddy up old fella cos the moon is mellow and bright,
    There’s a coyote crying at the moon above,
    Carry me back to the one I love,
    And you old faithful pal of mine.
  • Sofa_Sogood
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    I'm glad this has come back up to the top ;D

    I needed it for someone in the Tesco vodka topic, but I didn't know how to link it.

    Off to order another water filter, but I love the idea that someone had of buying their Nanny a goat ;D
  • There is a site called Future Forests where you can dedicate a tree from £10 - a romantic gift idea for Valentine's Day perhaps? Will last a lot longer than flowers and chocolates anyway :)
    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the
    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
    -- Author Unknown --
  • winnie
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    Wow - what an amazing website.

    Martin - thank you so much for posting it....i will be using it for loats of occasions.

    I hope everyone else is as inspired about it as me.

    Thanks again...

  • divadee wrote:
    I like this idea to, makes you think at christmas/birthdays how much we spend on ourselves when even just £5 could change someones life in a developing country.

    I have just purchased 4 pressies off my christmas list from here

    I was just thinking of similar idea (inspired by MSE) after another harrowing xmas. I intend to email all my family & friends and suggest next xmas we don't stress ourselves out searching for presents we don't really need/want. Instead to donate say £5 to a different charity for each person we usually buy for. Thus, we don't get into debt, save money (to spend in the sales ;) ), the charities get a good boost, we feel good, avoid horror shopping trips and the spirit of giving at xmas is fulfilled. Of course the shop keepers are going to miss out if we all do this but when you think of your money saving purchases have you thought of who was exploited to get that item so cheap??? Another major topic for discussion perhaps? Could we MSE'ees change the world? Relieve world poverty? Stamp out greed, world domination and power?? :eek: Provoke any thoughts anyone?
  • Interesting article on child sponsorship...
    " Harriet Griffey relives the experience of taking her 10-year-old son to Kenya to visit the child she sponsors"...
    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the
    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
    -- Author Unknown --
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