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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Shop but don't drop
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  • lellielellie Forumite
    1.5K posts
    this is a really good idea..

    my fave band Feeder had a forest started as a way of making their last album carbon neutral.. fans could buy a tree in the forest and get a certificate and stuff..

    other bands should do that.. or perhaps we could start a money saving expert one? ;) hehe..

    does exactly what it says in the address! ;D
  • brilliant!

    I've sent it to all my friends / colleagues

    I'm definately getting my dad a toilet for xmas.. or maybe a goat...

    One day everything I earn will be mine and not the banks... ::rotfl:
  • mink35mink35 Forumite
    6.1K posts
    Oh no - I've spent too much!! Not very money-saving.

    I've bought a 'train a health worker' for just £6 and this is my card to all at work (last year we put a quid in local hospice collection tin instead of buying cards).

    The £5/6/7 gifts are ideal for relatives off my children. They usually buy chocolate so this is much healthier!
  • TaBunnyTaBunny Forumite
    1.8K posts
    Just reminding everyone re this fantastic idea of Martin's let's keep the gifts coming in for these deserving people and make their lives a little better and give a great unusual gift to someone you love too  :)
  • Lillibet_2Lillibet_2 Forumite
    3.4K posts
    Thanks for these links, we've just adopted a orang-atan for my sister-in-laws birthday next month & we were looking to plant trees for 2 couples wedding presents next year but now we are goign to buy them an acre of rainforest in ecuador, particaully appropriate as Ecuador is where my Hubby & I met!
    Not sure how charity friendly this part is but if you adopt an WWF animal via Rpoints you earn points back.
    Post Natal Depression is the worst part of giving birth:p

    In England we have Mothering Sunday & Father Christmas, Mothers day & Santa Clause are American merchandising tricks:mad: Demonstrate pride in your heirtage by getting it right please people!
  • Not sure how charity friendly this part is but if you adopt an WWF animal via Rpoints you earn points back.  

    It's not as beneficial to WWF (and your 'adopted' animal) as an affiliate fee goes to Rpoints and to an advertising network.  If you want the maximum money to go to wwf, go direct.

    Another Xmas gift idea is a gift providing food and assistance in the education of one child for a year:
    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the
    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
    -- Author Unknown --
  • jellyheadjellyhead Forumite
    21.6K posts
    a charity gift idea to give to a child - adopt a tiger from care for the wild and they send you a t-shirt (good quality too!) as well as a certificate and they also send a letter after 6 months telling you how your animal is doing. we've been adopting jasper the tiger every year and we love getting the letter halfway through the year telling us about his playmate tamara and how they love swimming :-)

    i got the oxfam unwrapped catalogue today and will definitely be buying a few goats this year - they send you a card saying 'i've bought you a goat for christmas' - children will find it amusing to give the card to granny and see her face when she thinks you've actually bought her a goat lol!
    52% tight
  • crutchescrutches Forumite
    1.1K posts
    my kids are also giving nanny a goat!!!
    Every day above ground is a good one ;)
  • ashmitashmit Forumite
    622 posts
    Another tree site. I got my lil sister (I say lil... she's 17, but she'll always be 11 years younger than me!! ;D ) a tree for her birthday I think and she loved it.
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