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  • Hello Sunndayz,

    Well I feel better after reading your post as I too have been selected for the same prize. Mine is booked for next month and am hoping we're going to have as good a day as yours. I'm bringing my daughter.

    Will post my feedback on this so watch this space... :-)
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    Long post sorry....................
    Just had to search to find this thread and wanted to post my positive review of Cover Girl Studios. My friend "won" their competition to have a £500 makeover day for her and two friends (she chose me and her sister) I enter competitions on here regularly and was dreading it after reading the negative reviews on here.We went yesterday,when we got there we were offered drinks (water,wine or juice) and asked to fill in a form letting them know the style of makeup we wanted and the hair style we wanted also. I chose natural makeup (not one for being too adventurous) and had my hair curled. So makeup was applied, and yes it was quite thick but this was for photographic reasons and lighting.A bit like the makeup they wear at the west end.
    My hair looked lovely. My friend who won and her sister also had natural makeup and it did look good.
    We were then taken into the area where they do the photos, it looked basic with only 4 changing rooms (bearing in mind we had 3 outfit changes) our photographer was a young american woman (i would say in her 20's) and she was fantastic!! We had the shooting area to ourselves for about 2 hours and had 30 photos taken each and 10 together as a group. It was so much fun. We all had a laugh and the photographer showed us the photos on her camera as she took them. The had sofas to pose on, a bed,stairs,a dungeon area (which was super), a white screen, tassle curtains. I could go on forever!

    After our pictures were taken we waited just 10 mintues to me shown them and chose the ones we wanted to buy. They were STUNNING!!!! And i mean STUNNING! Then came the cost...............£75 per photo either on disc or printed (which would take days later) The prices went up depending on how many photos you wanted. £250 for about 10, £350 for about 20, going to to £1025 for the lot. My friend how won was promised one free one and her £90 deposit back (she paid the deposit for me and her sister) i wanted to buy a few of myself and so did her sister. To cut a long story short we haggled them down ALOT! We got 4 singles each and all our 10 group photos each on disc for £130 each! I even made them put the disc back into the computer to prove they were on there because i wanted to make sure after reading the reviews on here. We had a super time and also have the copy right to the pictures. They are on my facebook account and can print them anywhere we like. If you would like to see add me as a friend on facebook, i'am Maria Jane Knight.

    I'd go back again!
    2008 Total: £3232.46!!
    Jan 09: £289.95Feb:£39.99 March: £274.99 April: Guinot travel set £50,Liz Earle Hot Polish £12.50,Bamboo socks £13,Hoppop changing bag £55,Um Bongo juice & T.shirt £54.99,Confessions Of A Shopaholic Book £5.50 May: Nothing :(June: Premiere tickets to Public Enemies:eek::D, Betterware cleaning kit
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    :TMany congratulations:TEnjoy your win:D
    APRIL 2011 Wins

    Postcards..Now 78 cd.Moky DVD and Moky Fit Pass Card..
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    Please don't give your details out over the phone like me to cover girl you can save yourself a lot of time and stress!!!

    I have had to cancel my card because they took more than i agreed out.

    Its a scam. Everyone who enters ' wins'.

    Im kicking myself how daft i was to give a random person on the phone my card details please dont make the same mistake!!!!
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    Well, I contacted Natasha Smith at Covergirl Studios by email over two weeks ago but no response despite her claiming on here that emails will be answered within 24 hours.

    Well, I suppose the next step is to take the matter to County Court although it may be possible that I will be going to London very shortly so maybe I will call in and demand my daugher's deposit back. Will probably sit down and refuse to leave until payment is received.
  • hi i recieved a phone call today from this company. i am really lost about what i should do. No really bothered about deposit as long as i get it back am more worried about the day being a total let down and not living up to what they say!! has anyone been recently been? they said they will call again in 2 wks.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
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    i personally wouldnt touch this company with a mahousive barge pole
  • Hi, I won a makeover day at Covergirl Studios in London and went yesterday, The only thing you have to pay is £30 p person booking deposit which is refunded at the end of the day, overall it was a brill day and I came away pampered and with some lovely pics. Be prepared though for a lot of waiting about
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    I was stupid and fell for the Covergirl offer and paid £60 over the phone (I know - when will I ever learn!). After reading all posts on here, which I should have done first, I have decided that I do not want to go along on the day.

    Is there any chance I am going to be able to get my money back? Haven't approached them yet, thought I'd ask first if anybody had done this and any advice please.

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