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    My God are these still going:eek:I won one like these years ago, they didn't ask for a deposit then butr the outcome is very much the same:rolleyes:

    :rolleyes:You dont get to keep your make up on and you have to bush out your hairstyle before you leave, well this is what happened when I went.

    You are made up and do not get to see what you look like untill you see the photos (no mirrors). They do put on the hard sell to so becareful with that, I think there is another one like this studio 24 or somthing:confused:

    All I can say is be carefull if you do go and don't let them pressurize you and be prepared for a long day...hth
    If your neighbour's grass is greener, its time to water your lawn!:rotfl::rotfl:
  • I got that phone call a couple of months ago and was actually quite excited but totally skint which I said to the woman that called me, so she said she'd call me back at the end of August which she did.
    Me and my mum decided to go for it and booked for the 3rd of October but I'm getting quite worried after reading all these posts.
    Is it honestly worth all the hassle?
  • I won this competition as well and took my sister along, I had to give them £70 deposit and got the worst treatment ever... when we arrived at 10:30am, we were informed that thier electricity had gone down for some reason and that we should come back in 2hours or we could reschedule.It was freezing outside and the receptionist told us o go and have a walk around! I told her we were not interested in walking and that I didnt want to reshedule.She actually rolled her eyes at me. Very rude. I requested my deposit back and she decided I was stupid as she kept repeating thier electricity was down!Eventually called her boss who was equally just as rude and he was sooo dismisive, as if we were wasting his time asking for our money. The receptionist then wanted to take my receipt! Even thought they couldnt pay me immediatly due to lack of power-understandably...I refused as this was my proof that I had paid, she actually rolled her eyes at me again! I was soooo mad, such a waste of time. I was very calm and tried to expalin why i could levae without my receipt. I have never been treated in such a manner. They were so unprofessional. It was bad. I'm still waiting for my deposit.
  • Sooo...what happened?
  • Hi guys!!
    like you i was a bit dubious over giveing my card details over the phone and was convinced i had been scammed. However i turned up n the day to a beautiful studio and a even more beautiful makeover :p and true to their word the promise of my full refund @ the end of the session.
    The pic were fantastic! i swapped my refund and got a extra pic for it:happyhear which i love--- gave it to my BF for xmas!
    SO.. i would insist you ALL go!... even if it is just for the experience cos it truly is fab!
    lots of love
    p.s feel free to ask any questions
  • I can assure you that is no longer the case... they encouraged me to keep my makeup on if anything! and even sorted me out guestlist for me and a mate to a top london nightclub to show it off @!!!! you must have been thinking of the wrong studio... or they have new (nicer) managers!!!:T
  • covergirl or sometimes as they refer as coverlook studios are just cons.

    they debted my account despite before hanging up after stupidly giving my bank details, i did say loud and clear "actuallyi would like to back out of this".

    next thing i know they debited £70 out of my friggen account and i was vexd as hell.

    they wont refund it because of bla bla bla reasons...

    so i had to go to the studios to get my £70 back...a month later today i am still waiting for my refund. they are taking the Pis! anyways im going down to the studios, i've had enough, i'm going to involve my uncle int othis who is a solictor.

    btw i wasted my whoel day, they give no refreshments..just tea and coffee when asked. photos where ok but still its just their act to look professional. then we waited two hours for out photos where it doesn't take mroe than 10mins for my turn come up. what happind is that they forget about us. spend 12:30 till 7 rubbish. their going to get shut not siiting quietly anymore, been nice enough to ring and email them 10 times.
  • nikki2009

    i'm still waiting for my deposit, i went in december 2009 for my photoshoot.
  • Hi All, after reading these posts I was extremely worried that I had done the most stupidest thing ever and given my credit card details over the phone. They are so convincing, and as I do enter competitions then I did think that I had genuinely won this. Well, I booked it within a week, me and my sister in law went on Saturday.
    I can say that after reading these posts I wasn't expecting the 25 min facial and the cut and colour........and I was right, we didn't get it. We got there 15 mins before we were due and there was only the cleaner there, so I immediately thought oh god this is it. I phoned the number on the form......answer machine, then I phoned the number that was quoted on the answer machine......"leave a message!!!!", but we waited 20 minutes and we finally were let in but the receptionist who was very appologetic. We filled in our forms and got made tea, after a few minutes the makeup artists and the photographers arrived. We were first to be done, and they did a great job, then we sat for what was about 5 - 10 minutes and then we went down into the basement to get changed for out photo shoot. I can't remember her name but she was fabulous. Made me and my SIL feel great and we had a laugh too. After 3 changes and what seemed like 100 photos later, we were finished. We got changed. While we waited to look at the photo's we went to a cafe a couple of doors down (great food and reasonable), when we got back that was the only wait, cause we had popped out, but it was only about 20 mins. We sat down with Shaun, who had the gift of the irish gab. But as we said to him there was no way we could afford the £650 for 20+ photo's (or £1000 if you spread the cost over 12 months), so we haggled a bit. We came away with a CD with pics on and in 20 days a further CD, which has been enhanced should turn up with some A4 pics. So we wait, but I must say the pics that were taken were great, my other half was gobsmacked :rotfl:. I do feel that you shouldn't have to pay a deposit to turn up, but I can understand about it also. They do have a lot of people going through their doors, so I can't understand why the photo's are so expensive. Do they not understand they would sell more if they were more reasonable, afterall they will only delete them . But in general we had a good time, so not all of these are a con.
  • Well since a lot of these have been posted the deposit has gone up to £35 each. I never actually won a competition, I got approached in town and STUPIDLY gave my number thinking they'd never call me back. Alas, they did. A guy called Ahmed called and was like "You gave your number to one of our colleagues and I'm pleased to say you've been selected for this opportunity! Are you excited??" Even before coming on here I'd heard about these scams etc but that was for actual modelling, not these little sessions for the general public, so needless to say I wasn't jumping for joy.

    Despite the little voice in my head saying NO! DON'T DO IT!! I gave my card details over after asking Ahmed how the company made their money. Apparently they use this as a marketing ploy as word of mouth works so much better than advertising.

    Anyway, he gave me a provisional date of October and due to other commitments/snow days etc I've finally booked it for 7th Feb. However, I got a call in October to say I was due to arrive in a day or two and when I replied that I'd been told that day wasn't actually booked as it was just a formality to get me on the books the woman duly informed me I'd lose my deposit! After getting arsey with her she rearranged it so hold your ground guys!! Luckily my app. is mid-afternoon so hopefully we won't be waiting around too long! I'm going with a friend as well so the hard-sell will be easier to handle!

    I have found that when you call them they give you a variety of numbers to call and nearly never call you back unless you leave several more messages. I've also found that when I speak to someone it sounds like a call centre in the background - this tallies with people's comments of make up artists answering phones and many people being there at once!

    Very concerned about the deposit not being given back but if they give me a receipt I will be able to chase them up I suppose.

    On a lighter note, friends of mine have been with DOUBLETAKE studios and I've heard many good things about them! They try to get you to buy but there's no pressure, they just delete your photos if you don't buy any on the day.
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