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    If it is free then it should cost exactly nothing, no deposit not even one penny never mind 30 quid:eek:.

    The competiton "winners" have won nothing apart from the chance to wear some studio make-up

    Unless you count as a prize the chance to be subjected to a hard sell to buy some photographs and the often stressful and time consuming experience of trying to get back the deposit.

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    Lovely, well done :)
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    I got accosted at Liverpool street station a few weeks back by a guy claiming to be from Elite studios. He said they were promoting this offer, same as reported here. £35 deposit you and a coupl of friends, book in and get a free make over and photoshoot and a photo to keep. he didn't menion what size photo and as I live in Norwich and only go there for work I didn't think much of it at the time. Just had a call from a woman from there saying the offer was still available, can we book you a provisional date etc. Then she asked me for the deposit to which I politely declined as I hadn't had chance to check them out online (expecting it to be a hard sell for the photos and concerned about giving them a deposit). She said oh the offer expires today, hmm yeah right..

    I don't think I'll bother.
  • I did exactly the same thing. Paid the deposit then tried to cancel. Finally got to speak to Ricky at Elite STudios who is a manager who authorised a refund for £60 of the £70 deposit.

    Sadly this was on 22nd August and still nothing has appeared...

    I can no longer get anyone to answer the phone or respond to emails.

    Not quite sure what to do anymore
  • hails84 wrote: »
    This is ridiculous!!!

    The 'positive experiences' are quite clearly (on the whole) by the them/people affiliated with the company in my opinion...most are by 'first-time posters' who obviously TRY to cover this up by posting first to say 'oooh i've won, i don't know whether to go along with it BLAH BLAH BLAH...' making out they have the same concerns, then their second and 'final' post on this forum miraculously praises the day/experience, although with little faults thrown in to make it more authentic!!

    AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!!

    My reponse to this forum is completely legitimate and I have no connection to Covergirl at all. You can find me on facebook - Sarah Louise James. I have 4 photographs that I purchased on the day. Add me as a friend to see them
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