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  • I 'won' (not stupid, know they call everyone anyway) a covergirl session when I went to a wedding show. I knew what the day was going to be like as I had done something similar a few years back. As people say, they are a business and they would therefore want you to buy pictures. I knew that I would only buy one and although it was very hard to buy just one, I did stick to it. I didn't find it hard because they are pushy (they were not at all), it was because the pics were so good. We had lovely makeup done, refreshments and a nice photographer. We were there from 1 till 3/3.45. We had a great day and this was because we knew what to expect. If you go in with the idea that you will buy one pic and one pic only and stick to it..... then you will be fine! :T
  • I think this must be basically the same company that I got really done over by in 1999. I went with a friend, I dont think we had to pay anything up-front. The makeover and photoshoot were both really good quality and it was all really fun. then the hard-sell in the viewing room. we really liked our photos and we looked so good we desperately wanted to buy them. In fact, the sleazy guy selling was even hinting that I take his business card to do some 'other' photos for him!! I paid I think about £200 staight off on the day as a deposit without receiving anything to show for it. We waited patiently for a week or so and then came the news that the company had shut down. they had taken our money and not received anything. I actually appeared on watchdog about this year 2000. I cant believe this is basically the same company still ripping people off over and over again. this is something I still feel stupid about after 10 years, if I had got the actual shots I probably would have been happy enough. but to shell out for nothing is a big blow to your pocket when your a teenager. I vow to myself I will do a shoot again one day but not with this company Please be warned!!
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  • Please do not give credit details to these people they are scammers they kept ringing me and ringing me i am looking into reporting it she wanted £ 30.oo she told me it would get refunded when i arrived , i said can u send me an email etc to prove this and so i can forward to my friend and let her be excited about competition - they would not do , sorry if someone can not give me an email address and wants £ 30.oo upfront for a COMPETITION u can forget it , i am looking into reporting it and i reckon anyone else should if it comes up again they have rang me 5 times today as i would not give bank details over phone , do they really think people are that stupid there are loads of forums on this competition we can't all be wrong
  • I went yesterday to Cover Girl Studios in London for a makeover that I'd 'won' (I'd looked on all these forums before we went and realised we weren't the first, or the last...)

    I did have to pay a deposit before we went, but, lets face it, even if they wouldn't refund it, £30 to have your hair and make up done isn't a lot.

    They do offer you the choice of to buy pictures but there was no pressure and the person showing them to us even left the room so we could discuss it, no hard sell at all. We did buy some, and even though they have a 'pricelist', they are very negotiable, we managed to get 39 pictures on a disk, 10 prints and a further CD to follow with touch ups done etc. for the same price as the smallest bundle on the pricelist.

    The photos are actually good quality, and don't have any copyright splattered all over them like most do.

    All in all a good day out!
  • THIS IS NOT A SCAM however its not an amazing prize either so you may feel like youve been scamed
    I WON THIS COMPETITON ON THE 27TH OF JULY 2010 i booked it for the 8th august 2010
    I ENTERED THIS COMPETITION AT covergirl studio.moonfruit around the 19th of july 2010

    i got a call from a guy named ricky who sounded overly excited for my win when i couldnt really care less because ive enterd so many of these competions before i know the drill YOU ALWAYS WIN and YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ASKED FOR A DEPOSIT(at the time i never had a debit/credit card so i never went through with them) so when he called i was like yeah i won i know ...i entered at the time because i just wanted the free picture and expierience a photoshoot never mind the makeover (dont like other people doing my hair or make up they never do it the way i said)

    i told Ricky to call me back because i was sleepin(i was ,but also so i could resarch the company a little because i'd entered about 2 or three),he asked me what time he'd prefer me to call, i said round 1pm the next day, he never called back he called the day after
    i wasnt able to resarch the company as i couldn't be bothered to go internet cafe or library but i made the decison to give him my debit card details(foolishly) as i knew by now that all these companies "FREE MAKEOVER ONES...WIN A MAKEOVER ONES always ask for a deposit that is refundable.

    a week later he sent me a leaflet with a map and information and a reciept the deposit was £35 for me and my cousin so £70
    after this i thought omg i just gave away £70 so i got up went library and did some resrach i found THIS website and sooo many
    bad reviews and i started getting scared i wanted to cancel i thought they were gonna take my money and i just didn't want to do it again. But something told me just do it anyway for the experience and plus i didnt want to pay £10 for the cancelling

    so i went today and it took me around 20-30 minutes to find the place its a black door with a sticker saying "covergirl studios " inside is black with some beautiful photographs on the wall and black settes arranged quite nicely... then theres a reception desk and the make over place with 4 seats and 4 makeover artists

    i got in, and an indian girl served us probably between the ages of 20-23 was quite rude she said exactly "er you lot are very late "in a way like she was our boss and we were working for her and we needed to apoligize so we just said we couldnt find find the place and she said" hmm alrite "

    the refreshments available ws orange and apple juice.

    we filled out a form waited about half an hour.. my apointment was at 10.30 i left my house at 8.50 i got to oxford street for 10.15 and i found the studios at 10.45

    we were the called to do make up.. the woman wasnt greatly friendly she asked what make up i wanted even though i filled out a form describing what i wanted
    i told her natural ,smokey eye ,but not overdoing it with black she said alrite
    she did my make up and i was horrified it was was way too much make up on my face and she didnt do it well i went down stairs to the toilet to have a good look in the mirror and i just cracked up laughing but i left it anyway

    we waited 15-20 minutes then we were called for the shoot i think that was the best part they tell you how to stand, where to look ,how to psition yourself and they make you feel like a model so i enjoyed that

    then we had the screening on an apple mac we had to wait 20-30 mins, so they said we could go get something to eat and told us places that were near by which was kind of them
    we went out to mcdonalds but on the way back we got lost again so came back 15 mins late
    the indian girl was rude agin i think thats her job though "er you lot are late " its way she says it though like if your late you just shouldnt be here
    but anyway everyone else was ok so i just focused on the positives we waited about 45 mins to see the pics

    we went to the viewing room, the woman was quite friendly she proceeded telling us about the prices "ON NO OCCASION DID SHE FORCE US TO BUY ANY"
    so we viewed the images they were taken proffesionally, looked good ...couldnt get over the make up though so i didnt have a favourite pic
    after viewing she took my reciept asked if i wanted to use the £70 deposit to purchase a pic... 1 pic costing £75 i said no thank you
    she took my card refunded the £70 and gave me a reciept and said it takes 3 working days.she was friendly

    all i can say is most things that people are complaing about are stated clearly on the website
    you pay £35 deposit for you and gusest
    you get it back after the photoshoot
    if your more than 15 minutes late you may have to reshedule
    you get a passport size photo on disk
    this photo is of and only of the peron who won the competion NOT the guest
    you pay £10 cancelling fee

    i advise you not to be rude to them because at the end of the day they have £35-£70 to your name and their doing everything for you for free
    go their open minded..if you have to cancel be good about it dont say i researched your company and its a scam,be firm but not rude
    have a look in mind if their reaching for a make up colour you dont want just tell them what you do want
    keep an eye on what their doing
    bring your own makeup and things if you prefer and do it yourself in the toilet i seriously advise this

    overall it was a nice day out or experience
    one thing i hated was that no one likes to answer the phone when you call them,you have to be overly persistant
    they go by the names
    elite studio
    and use these numbers
    02076310272- ricky
  • Hiya, it looks as tho this Cover Girl thing has been going for at least 3 years from the look of this forum.


    I got a call on Fri to tell me I'd "won" the competition etc. He said he'd been trying to call me for several days but I didn't answer my phone (why he couldn't just leave a message I have no idea).

    He then spoke a million miles an hour and ended with a request for my bank card details for the £35 deposit. I said no as I wanted time to look into it and could he send me an e-mail with the details please. He got really stroppy at this. He asked what type of phone I had and when I said Iphone he said he'd send me the e-mail then call me back in 5 mins!

    I ignored the next call and when I picked up the message I got a "look, if you aren't going to answer your phone why did you ask me to call you back!". I didn't ask him to call me back!

    Surprisingly a website does exist ( and I did call to see if they were legit (02075803999) but the aggressiveness of their marketing (true if you've "won" something it should be free) and some of the reviews on this website have put me off.

    Girls - it does seem to exist but don't give your bank card details on the first call, do your research first. A professional company would never pressure you like this so maybe save your money for somewhere better. Or do go but be prepared.
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    This is ridiculous!!!

    The 'positive experiences' are quite clearly (on the whole) by the them/people affiliated with the company in my opinion...most are by 'first-time posters' who obviously TRY to cover this up by posting first to say 'oooh i've won, i don't know whether to go along with it BLAH BLAH BLAH...' making out they have the same concerns, then their second and 'final' post on this forum miraculously praises the day/experience, although with little faults thrown in to make it more authentic!!

    AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Sounds Like A Scam 2 Me! Dont Do It, You Are Stupid If You do!
  • They are not scammers they do ask for the £30 deposit it is just so you turn up, you do get it back or you can use that towards photo's. Me and my friend went and had a really good day the pictures were amazing!!!!! Yes the photo's are expensive but you don't have to buy them. There was alot of waiting around but then the pictures made it all worth it and having the pictures done. Me and my friend had a really good time!!

    I never had any problems with them atall always answered my phone calls and emails when i needed to ask them something.
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