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  • Hello,

    I won a free make over and photo session with Cover Girl studio.

    Has anyone ever won/experienced this??


    Yes I have and its a scam because they try and get you to take other people and take a deposit of £30 per person without your authorisation. So please be careful when give cred or debit card infor.

  • Just expanding in more detail my experience with cover girl...don't do it!!!!
    They ask you to leave a deposit and the money will be refunded on arrival at the studio. When you give them your credit card details they ask if anyone else would be interested. Be careful because I mentioned the possibility of two others, and on saying that they had already debited my credit card by for people, £90 in total. I said, ' I didn't authorise you to debit my credit card', but she said, 'its already been debited and there is nothing you can do. I contacted my credit card company who stated it was between me and Cover Girl and there was nothing they could do. I contacted Cover again saying, I didn't think I could get two extra people, with that she said, you must write in to get your money back reiterating 'there was nothing she could do as it had already gone through to my credit card company. I wrote in explaining I would be unable to travel after having a foot and eye operation and was unable to getter two other people to go. Then I received a voicemail saying, it isnt' there policy to refund but they could change the the date of my make over, which at the moment is booked for this Friday 27th June. This is a scam please be careful!!!
  • my niece won one of these but different company makeover2000 i think. the genuine ones do not ask for any cash or bank details up front. we went and had our hair and make up done which was a laugh. they then took loads of photos which they then show you and try to sell. i was under no obligation though and just said no thanks.
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    i did one of these once with the £30 deposit - they tried to tell us that we couldn't have the £30 back at the end - thinking that as we were about 15 at the time that we wouldn't fight for it - luckily my friend's mum was there and she sorted them out - also while they were trying to scam us - some other woman came in screaming about reporting them to trading standards - i wouldn't bother! sorry!
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    just got the same call - on a saturday at 9pm!!! the woman was reading from a script...she even forgot where she was in her sentence when I asked her a question. this is ridiculous!!!!
  • Hi All.... I got my call earlier this year and I booked for this last saturday.
    I went with my Mum and we had a great day.
    We were treated really well and the girls respected what makeup and hair we wanted.
    The photo shoot was fun and the guy made you feel really at ease.
    Once this was over we waited a short time we were offered wine or juice and then taken to veiw our pics well they were fantastic and yes we bought some there was no pressure selling involved and we got our free one as well. The pics were put onto a disc and we came away feeling relaxed and on a real high.
    Check my pics out on facebook if you want to see the quality my name is Mia-Ellen Keegan.
    Face it ladies you can easy spend £30.00 on getting your hair trimmed treat yourselves to a real fun day out I would do it again.icon7.gif
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    josie301 wrote: »
    I agree there I've had Venture pics done before - (lovely but expensive!) and they would never just give you the CD they are copyrighted as are the pics you buy from them.


    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late response, didn't check back for a long time.

    Yes they did give me the CD. My ex was with me and asked if it was possible and they said it was fine. Basically the CD was in a slideshow type thing so I had to print screen all of them to start using them. I would guess they were more than likely copyrighted, but i haven't had any problems.

    Hope that clears things up!
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    angelamkj wrote: »
    i just wanted to know if you are allowed to leave the cover girl studios with the make-up still on,as i have been told by a friend that you have to remove it befor leaving.
    i came 2nd in a comp, paid the £60.00 for me and my sister,so just want to know if we can leave with the make-up on???? anyone know????:confused:

    The make up they put on you will leave you looking like a bad transvestite - you will be begging them to take it off before you leave! They cake it on to look ok for the camera, but to the naked eye it's not pretty!
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  • There a fair bit of confusion I think going on, ive heard of a few studios not refunding booking fees etc but from my experience (24th June) all I can say its a great fun day with everything upfront - well with Double Take studios anyhow !

    Myself and my partner attended the studios in Manchester today for a makeover & photoshoot with a Romantic theme, this was a Valentines gift from myself to her. they will obviously do whatever type of photos you want, so we opted for a few romantic and some of my partner on her own. They are absolutely stunning photos, yes a bit pricey but you get what you pay for I always think and they did throw in a £50 voucher for us to use on the day towards any photos we liked, and having previously spoken to a few other studios this did work out cheaper.

    As for the booking fee/deposit, we were asked for just £10 and this we put towards the cost of a few photos.

    So there you go, thats our experience!

    ps although I paid £49 online for this, you can get it for free from here:

    Enjoy !
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    Lots of posters on here with only 1 post saying how great they are and never posting again!!!!

    This def sounds like a scam - and i would never pay for a competition prize, thats not a prize to me!!!
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