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    avoid it like the plague
    Wishing you a lucky 2021:beer:
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    If i ever get a call like this i know i'll just hang up after reading all the previous threads seeing as I don't enter comps to win makeovers I don't see how I could win if I don't enter.

    Have fun if you do decide to go OP but don't let them bully you into buying all the photos if you don't want to. Xx
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    hope it works out ok

    :dance:Carry on Comping :dance:
  • i havhad exactly the same thing told i was a runner up have make over pampered etc they will edit the photos take a friend with me and get one free photo, she gave me the website but nothing comes up and she said it was in the west end...told i had to pay £30 deposit each which was refundable.... i have been done over on things like this before so not sure if i believe it. Has anyone actually been there and/or had the phots done? seems bit strange as the web site address she gave me doesnt actually exsist!! Help please

  • I had this very phone call tonight. I must have entered the competition they were on about because they mentioned my very specific job title, but I just don't remember because over the past few weeks I've been on the net constantly!!!

    Apparently the girl is ringing tomorrow but I'll 'accidentally' miss the call til I find out more about it!
  • Yesterday I got a call saying I had won a makeover/photoshoot on February 17th for me and a friend or me and 2 family members. You have to go in with no make-up and you get your hair styled and make-up done and get to drink free drinks while doing so!!! Then we get 1 photo free and they can do whatever touch ups we want to the photo… But I am seriously concerned that it is a massive scam!!! They said we would have to pay a fully refundable booking fee of £30 per person…” I said I’m not comfortable making any payment over the phone and I would need to look into it properly and confirm the legitimacy of it all… I got these details:
    Guy’s Name calling: Shaun Matthews
    Direct Line: 02074369765
    Ref No: 2375

    He’s also posting out a confirmation pack…

    Does anyone have any positive feedback? Has anyone been?
  • My mate nikki won this same "competition" too and we both went along - as she paid the deposit and booked it i knew even less....

    it is basically a marketing scam and you dont get anything for free (well one pic)

    they didnt pamper us on the day in the exclusive way they mentioned we were in a room with loads of other - models - feeling rather fat and uncomfortable next to size 0 people! there was no cocktails and free bar afterwards either.

    we waited there almost a whole day for it to happen in stages.

    we did get our makeover and that wasnt bad i must say.

    the photo's were excellent!!

    the catch was the price!! we took the cheapest bundle 6 photo's plus the free one (total 7) - split it between both of us with a 50% discount and it came to £310!!!!!!!!! (so on top of the £60 deposit - which we put towards the photos we still needed to cough up £125 each - which they were nice enough to let us delay paying right away and pay in installments so we finish paying off 2moro and will finally get all of the photos.

    the biggest con is that the photos arent even printed up! they neglected to tell us! they come on CD!!!!!
  • i just wanted to know if you are allowed to leave the cover girl studios with the make-up still on,as i have been told by a friend that you have to remove it befor leaving.
    i came 2nd in a comp, paid the £60.00 for me and my sister,so just want to know if we can leave with the make-up on???? anyone know????:confused:
  • are kids allowed on the photo shoot with you or do you have to pay extra for that? or do they have like a minder or that,to keep an eye on the kids,they give you such a short amount of information that your left hanging around trying to find out anything you can from ANYONE!!!!!
  • got a call from them girl named mirinda...gave me the whole pitch...sounded so scripted..googled their name and got to this all the reviews and was seriously thinking of not going thru with it...anyways, since i promised my daughter(15) that i will be getting her pictures done, i ended up paying the deposit..i paid £90.00 for me, wife and daughter.My other two kids were not charged deposit as they are under 12..
    Went in to the studio last sunday at bout 10.30am...wife and daughter got their makeup done bout half hour and my other 2 kids had some kinda powder applied on our faces(apparently to make us shine less in the flash light..)
    After we had all been made up, we had our pictures taken..photographer was pretty professional and actually helped us get the small ones calm and all posed for the family shots…we took quite a bit of photos …then came the waiting …we were served refreshments..didnt actually bother with the alcohol as was driving…they took us to the ever famous viewing room and showed us the pictures of us after a while..look pretty good….i ended up buying a few pictures of daughter and also the whole family.. hey any picture that has us all sitting calmly is worth any amount of money….
    All I can say is give it a try as I was skeptical in the beginning but after going thru the whole thing and actually looking at the end result, it was worth it….i guess you as the consumer has to decide if you are gonna buy any pictures or not…it is still your choice.. as for the deposit, I used it to offset my total bill……
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