NST April 2024: April appreciation


NST April 2024: April appreciation

How to pronounce it: /əˌpriːʃɪˈeɪʃn / for you phonetic people!

What it can mean:

1.  recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Gratitude.

2. a full understanding of a situation.

3. an increase in monetary value.


It is quite a holistic word, encompassing many areas of life. And that is what we turtles are all about. Sure, we’re here to be careful with our money, but we’re also here to enjoy life, to thrive. We try to face our finances head on and be in control of them. Life throws us curveballs which we try to manage as best we can.



Appreciate what you have. In a culture of ‘more is better’ it is hard to resist the inner child’s voice of ‘I want …’ but it is not impossible, as many turtles will tell you. Recognise the abundance that you have.

Pay to your debt/savings first. This is a good habit. Know your income and outgoings and live within your means.

Plan, plan, plan. The month kicks off with Easter and those with grand/children will be very aware of the school holidays – half the month! If you have littlies, aim to get them outside and tire them out for free. What does the month hold? Appointments, travel, social occasions, food…

Recognise the good qualities of other people and pay them a compliment. Equally important is to recognise your own qualities and successes and embrace them.

Exercise. We all know how good this is for us. So plan it into your schedule. Be it chair yoga or marathon running. Do it for yourself.

Cheerlead your friends and family. And be your own champion cheerleader. Lycra and pompoms are optional.

Increase your monetary value. Do you know the interest rates on your debts/mortgage/savings? Do you have a plan to repay and a debt-free or mortgage-free date? Can you bring this forward? Are your savings getting the most interest they can? Are you frittering money away? You’ll only know this if you are keeping a spending diary, so get one set up if you think you might need it.

Appreciation and gratitude can help with your mental health. Come on here on a daily basis (or as often as you can) and let us know three (or more) things you are grateful for.

Think about others – donations to charity, donations to the foodbank, volunteering, helping a neighbour.

Increase your fruit and veg intake. Seasonal produce is the best, but frozen or tinned is also good. As a counterpoint, decrease your intake of processed foods. You know it makes sense!

Out and about – it is April. It will rain. But there is more daylight and warmer temperatures, so get yourself outside on a daily basis. It’ll boost your mood and energy.


-15 NSDs please (you don’t lose one for travel costs, including parking; medical spends; buying only reduced items) If you have random payments to make in the month, then set the money aside at the start.

-the challenge runs for all of April 2024, come rain or shine!


We share our lives on here, encourage each other, support each other, seek and give advice from each other, cheer each other on and celebrate the wins together.


Who is with me?


NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!


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    I'd like to join up too please, apple. I love April, it's the month I was born (a loooooong time ago!)
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