Can I Balance Transfer from my spouse's credit card?

I have just received my first ever 0% fee 13 month BT card. I have a monster balance to transfer over at the end of this month.

Can I give the number of a card owned by my spouse?  I can't see anything in the T&Cs saying I can't!

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  • MorningcoffeeIV
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    Some cards prohibit it, some don't. In most cases you will get away with it, even if prohibited.
  • marcia_
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     Depends on the CC provider. Hubby tried to take on one of my cc debts and nationwide said no
  • best do it on line - they don't even ask for the name of the card holder most times. I've done it a few times, never had an issue.
  • Nasqueron
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    If no-one asks and they never check up, you can do it but of course that means you will assume responsibility for the debts so if you did split up less than amicably, you have to pay the debt as it's in your name

    Make sure you pay the debt down using the money you saved in interest - or a solid plan to pay off at the end, don't rely on another offer to replace that one or just spend the money you're saving
  • DullGreyGuy
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    Since OpenBanking they have not need to ask who owns the target card as they can check for themselves. Many state you can only transfer your own debt but historically had no way to enforce this, now they do but still only some are. 

    Virgin for example do enforce it but MBNA don't. 
  • Fingerbobs
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    Most, if not all, cards state that you are only allowed to transfer balances from cards in your own name, but in practice I've never had problems transferring from other people's cards online. Tesco used to make you tick a box to confirm that the card you were transferring from was your own, but even then it wasn't enforced. 
  • pecunianonolet
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    Jumping on the back of this, if it is ok. 

    Got a deal last year with MBNA (stoozing) which is coming to an end now in early Feb. Cash is sitting in savings so no issue to repay, as it was originally planned. OH might be eligible for some of the 0 fee, 0 interest deals still available so if the above works without trouble, we wouldn't mind holding on to our cash a little longer while we can still get decent interest.

    Which providers are fine taking on debt of somebody else without fuss? 
  • Nasqueron
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    The last time I did transfers from M&S, Tesco, Barclaycard and Halifax, all just wanted a card number and amount.

    Santander I had to ring up as the BTs kept being reversed and they asked me to confirm it was my debt but that was it.
  • Janes888
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    On this  link one of the questions is Can i transfer my partners debt on to my 0% card and a list of banks are provided showing whether they accept or not.  Barclaycard, First direct, HSBC and Sainsburys bank all show that they accept transfer.
    DJSINGH Posts: 143
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    Has anyone (without question) been able to successfully balance transfer a partners debt to a RBS/Natwest BT (0%) Card?
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