Instagram ban



  • Not able to like new pages or comment on Instagram and Facebook advises me they think someone has tried to hack the account there twice in three days so now on a second 24 hour restriction of actions there. Just need something to go wrong on Twitter now ! 
  • I managed 2 days and am back on a commenting ban am able to follow again at the moment though.
  • jakesmum
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    Boo, I was unbanned (oh the glee) then promptly banned again about 7 hours later after just 4/5 tags and likes... it is so frustrating and according to the info in the comments above from Instagram, surely they should be banning the companies too for seeking likes/shares etc.. but oh no, they would lose money if they did that! Rant over!
  • hertzyabazas
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    edited 16 December 2023 at 9:08AM
    Ban number 6 or 7 (I've lost count) overnight. Been really careful too. It's like playing russian roulette when I was tagging someone, holding my breathe when pressing enter to see if the banned message appeared   :D
    Annual Christmas party at ours today so not bothered. If you're banned and passing mine, chap the door, more the merrier!

  • AC55
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    I got unbanned yesterday, entered a few sporadically through the day, didn't touch instagram for at least 5 hours as I was doing other things and then as soon as I tried to tag I was back on a ban.

    Love this game! 
  • redfox5
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    I'm also on a follow ban, however can still comment! 
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  • I am able to comment again today but am now back on a follow ban
  • Haribobo19
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    I was getting banned from tagging every few days at the start of December, every time I was unbanned I would tag one person and then be banned again straight away, it is so irritating.

    But the past few days I've been having more luck after making sure I always write a few words along with my tags, for example "This is an amazing giveaway" or "fingers crossed" or at the very least a couple of emojis. I've also been making sure that when I'm tagging in separate comments on a single post that I don't repeat emojis or words. So far it's worked and I've managed to avoid the algorithm banning me. Hopefully it will help someone else too 🤞🤞
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