The 365 Day 1p Challenge 2024



  • I don't understand how to do the 1p challenge. Do we put the money daily into an account?? Help!
    If you read the information on this you can either physically put the money in a pot or save online. Download the sheet with all the workings out in it and tick each day. 
  • I use a slightly different 'saving challenge', but I believe I also got it from ML some years ago.

    Let's call it "£1 Monday, £2 Tuesday..." etc. Each week, from January 1, I save £1 on Mondays, £2 on Tuesdays etc, through to £7 on Sundays. The mathematicians among you will quickly see that's £28 every week! 28×52 weeks a year = £1456... but 7 (days) × 52 weeks is only 364 days, so add another £1 to £7, depending which day the year starts and ends on. 2024 being a Leap year, you get an 'extra' extra day, too!
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    Please could I join in? Thank you 😊 
  • I don't understand how to do the 1p challenge. Do we put the money daily into an account?? Help!
    Yes, that's exactly what you do. Follow the pdf in the first post to tick off as you go along.
  • I'd love to join again this year please!
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  • I don't understand how to do the 1p challenge. Do we put the money daily into an account?? Help!
    All the information you need is on the first post of this thread. 
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  • Hi, complete newbie here, never participated on a forum before so here goes. Been loitering for years! Could I join the 1p challenge please? I shall put my money in weekly and I've downloaded the grid so I can tick them off. Happy New Savings Year everyone.
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    sorry to chop and change but I won't take part this year so #17 is released for anyone who prefers that number.

    good luck all and thanks @enthusiasticsaver
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    Thank you for my new number @enthusiasticsaver and sorry to confuse you/others - was posting on the wrong thread doh.

    @Aya2030 I use the Random # app (blue icon with 123 and a couple of wavy arrows)

    Looking forward to getting stuck in to 2024's challenge!
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