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    Happy new diary!
    Thanks. Glad you found me.

    beanielou said:
    I challenge you to get the fridge freezer and the bike up for sale before the end of the month!! 
    Thanks Beanie.

    I am at the hairdresser in the morning but after that I will do photos and list at least the fridge freezer. It needs a quick wipe first and stuff removing from on top of it. DD needs to give me a target price on the bikes before I can list those.
    lucielle said:
    Ooh good one @beanielou   Fab news on the handyman. Enjoy your new art products. 
    Thanks Lucielle. I am very excited about the art supplies. Most should arrive tomorrow.

    The cube unit went to someone else so will keep looking 
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    That is very good news regarding your handy man being willing to come and work at your new house.
    Thanks I was relieved. I will probably ask him to come asap and change the locks as well as help get curtains up etc. Failing that I have asked my cleaner if she can help on moving day. It should make things less daunting.

    TallGirl said:
    Good news about the handy man if you have professionals move you then you could get him to help you put things in order afterwards like reassemble or assemble furniture and move things around. There might also be stuff you want doing immediately to make the garden safer. 

    Spending on stuff you want and then using the voucher for food makes sense. You've earned with hard work so do spend it. I’ve only ever got a voucher once and I spent it on some golf clubs that I still use. It always reminds me. 
    Thanks TG. Yes I could get him to do something with the terracing as I'm not sure it's secure. Help moving stuff around as you say would also be fab.

    Thanks for the vote for guilt free spends. I struggle not to beat myself up even though I will meet big savings goals this month and next.
    If you are meeting your savings goals, then even less reason to beat yourself up, enjoy your items!
    "If you can dream it, you can do it". Walt Disney
  • Think it’s great you invested in more art supplies especially as you can afford them and they toward your new art space ! 
    There will always be a (beautiful stilettoed) foot in fabulous in LaPlan's life.
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    Oooh hope the burn heals quickly. 
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    Ooouchy. Hope it heals soon. 
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