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  • KajiKita
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    Well done for asking the EA …. 🤞🤞

    The difference in how the meds affect you sounds huge! Really hope the supply issues are resolved now and you can stay on them!! 

    It’s cold this week 🤷‍♀️ I think the forecast for next week is a bit milder so your thermostat should not be tripping in as much 😊

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  • -3 here apparently. The frost was super crunchy until afternoon.
  • skint_spice
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    I hope your buyers get sorted out soon, I had a gift thing to sort out when I bought my place as money came out of exs account but my mortgage person sent me a form which he filled in and I sent back the same day. 
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    Glad the meds make such a difference.
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    Glad to read the meds are helping. 
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    Sorry to hear about the survey challenges, hope it all works out soon.
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  • Blackcats
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    Pleased that the changed meds are making a difference.
    your EA needs to keep following up with your buyers -I think they should be further forward than they seem to be.  You accepted their offer before your offered on your new house.  Would be good to get their survey/valuation done before Christmas.
  • girlatplay
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    You're only 7 pages into this diary so I thought I'd just catch up now.

    I'm glad the meds are better.

    It's a bit to think about with the house. The process is different in Scotland so I can't really comment. See what the seller comes back with. I guess it depends how much you want that house. It will all work out how it is meant to.
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    Thanks MF, Jwil, Blackcats, Lucielle, GAP, Beanie, Skint, WD, KK

    -3 doesn't sound great WD. We had snow here at the weekend although it's gone today. 

    Will see what the EA comes back with. 

    The buyer seems to think the valuation will happen in the next week or so but given no appointment has been booked yet that seems unlikely. I need to return my signed forms - and get someone to witness them first. I hate the idea of posting something so important though.

    I need to write to my solicitor about the building regs aspect too although they should have been investigating that anyway as I'd told them the vendor had had work done. They haven't shared anything with me about the house I'm buying despite my chasing.

    I'm due to start work in ten minutes on a call. I'm not remotely ready. Think will just wear a big fluffy jumper for the call and dress properly after the call.

    My lounge is getting worse... I've spent all weekend making art with corresponding mess! Mostly trying and failing to match skin colour and shadow. I feel I've almost ruined the original pieces and wish I'd just started again on a new portrait. Still hoping I can recover them. 

    I've booked 3 Mr A orders on the run as I hate busy shops - and I can always cancel them if I don't need them.

    Money is going roughly OK. I think I've bought everyone's gift now. Will be giving part £ for some. Still need to finish wrapping. Really hope the cleaner feels better this week, has no car issues and actually comes. Have my counsellor and art class this week too.

    Right - best make myself move. Have a good day y'all

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