My boss does not want me to have operation.

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This is not quite the right place for what I am about to say but hey. 
I have a hernia which is being repaired 6july. my boss does not want me to have it done as it will leave us extremely short staffed. we have people on holiday all through july and august. 
I have been offered another slot in september when every one is back off holls. but I want this thing done sooner rather than later. 
so I have told my boss I'm taking the july slot and he hasn't replied to the email I sent him. 
the way I see it is that I have told my boss, and he should tell his boss, ie the owner of the company. but I don't believe he's done that. I think maybe he's afraid he will be told that there is no one else, and the place will just have to manage. 
thanks for reading my post. as you can tell this is playing on my mind rather a lot, and I just wanted to tell some one. 


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    You've done the right thing.  It's your decision when you take the surgery, not your bosses, and and your health comes first.  Agree with the post above about sending another e-mail in the clearest terms.  Do not mention the September slot.

    Your bosses' attitude to your wellbeing is appalling.  As much is your operation and any subsequent sick leave to recuperate is inconvenient, it's the type of problem any business should reasonably expect to incur from time to time, and it's for them to resolve.  The clue is in the job title "manager".  
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    Pollycat said:
    Maybe more employment related but ok.
    Shocking attitude from your boss.
    Medical procedure and an employee's health and welfare come way higher than work.
    Depending when your OP is scheduled for and how long ago you emailed your boss, without confirmation from him, I'd email him again and say you will be taking SICK leave from xx/07 to xx/07.
    It's not like you're asking to go on holiday.
    A friend of mine had to have remedial surgery and worried about taking time off. (6 weeks convalescence) but the consultant wrote a letter for her employer being very clear that this was necessary surgery.

    Have you told your boss that there is an option for later surgery? Hope not.
    No I've not told him about the september offer. I've been aware of my hernia for over a year, and I did email my boss several months back, telling him I gunna need sick leave. 
    recently my condition has been getting slowly worse. so I phoned my gp week before last and told him. the very next day I received a phone from hospital offering me a pre med which I had tuesday last week, with a view to doing the op 6 july. so they must of pushed me right up the waiting list, which I appreciate. but my boss does not! 
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    Sounds like dodgy behaviour. Make sure to try and document all conversations with your boss even if it’s just talking in person, make notes of what the said and when you had the convo etc. hopefully you won’t need legal help but this will help if you do
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    Well done Clive, your health is more important.  Considering you are financially safe, that makes me think even more that you are doing the right thing. Terrible manager, you could even report him but I understand that you do not want to rock the boat.

    Good luck, I hope the operation all goes well and you recover nicely to enjoy the freedom you may be getting.  You sound like a very loyal employee, your boss is the one that will lose out.

    ETA. Happy birthday for Monday.
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    Absolutely put your health first, without it you have nothing.  Great when have reached the position of financial independence too.  I am almost at that point and it makes work so much more palatable. 

    It is difficult in small firms, but that is for them to manage.  If you leave it, you might well be off for a longer period.  Theres never a good time for absence in a small company.

    The company I work for apparently runs on a shoe string, but the owner and his family have a very nice house, a fleet of very nice cars, and have numerous holidays. I'm not complaining...they took the risks when building up the company., but they are not as hard up as they would have you believe.

    I'm guessing in the past you've had to go the extra mile when your colleagues have been off. Now it's there turn to cover you, and let's face it , your not swinging a leg...your need is genuine.
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    It may not be the first thing on your list - but sounds like you need to be sure to get sick notes in place. Don't let yourself be pressured into doing anything more or earlier than you should after your operation.
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    Agree totally with last post - do not return to work sooner than advised by your medical people. However much you might feel sorry for the company being short-handed or your colleagues having to do that bit extra, it’s a NO! 
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    I had a hernia repair in 2001 and haven't been troubled by it since. I was a bit complacent about it at the time, but my GP warned about the consequences of a strangulated hernia. Something that is manageable now with a routine fix could quickly become urgent left untreated. You're doing the right thing. How they manage without you is up to them.
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