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To regift or not to regift...

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MSE_Laura_FMSE_Laura_F Community Admin
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Over the years we've had several threads on regifting:
Some say it's a great thing to do, so long as you don't commit the faux pas of gifting it back to the original gifter! Others are against the concept of regifting in general. In 2023, where do we stand on regifting? And do you have any MoneySaving regifting success stories? And any failures?

I once received a candle from someone - the same candle I'd gifted their family member a year before. No hardship though - it was a gorgeous candle.


  • Roxburgh_roseRoxburgh_rose Forumite
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    I don't have any problem with re-gifting as a rule.  However, I worked for someone years ago who said 'this year I'm going to have to cut back on the costs Christmas presents for staff'. That translated into me getting an opened bottle of port (less roughly a glassful), and colleagues receiving an out of date box of petits fours and a cookbook with a written inscription to the boss from her best friend dated 4 years previous. I think I did best :D
  • diystarter7diystarter7 Forumite
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    Hi OP

    We would never regift anything from our kids  and other than that

    Regifting, if you feel ok about it, regift it, no drama other than not back to original.

    Going to events and gifting puts me off becuse everyone has a personal tasted and depth of pocket and imo, gifts are often wasted on most people. So rather than keep it in a drawer and then give it to charity, regift!


  • kimwpkimwp Forumite
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    Give it back to the original giver - if they gave it to you, they clearly think it's a gift worth having.
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  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    Far less of an issue now I buy and receive  for fewer people - no work colleagues, not as many extended family members, no friends children.

    IF anything does ever get put aside for re-gifting, it's because it's been part of a set (especially toiletries) and though I may love the brand there may be the odd item in it, I don't use/dislike. Something like a body lotion/handcream may end up re-gifted that way - that's if it's not given away, donated, sold during the year instead. It would be more likely to become part of a larger gift to someone else though, eg I might make a gardening hamper for someone and include an unwanted unused hand cream to go in it. 
  • I_Love_compsI_Love_comps Forumite, Senior Ambassador
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    I will re gift presents I have been given that are not suitable for me. As long as you do not give it to the person you had it from.
    Other things to do with unwanted gifts are;  sell them - or send to a charity shop.
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  • 2Scratters2Scratters Forumite
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    Obviously not to go back to the gifter, I have no issue in forwarding it on - it is mine to do with how I please. I would rather do what ever way seems best so it is not wasted and hopefully it is more successfully received. 
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    HillStreetBluesHillStreetBlues Forumite
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    I thankfully don't have to worry about regifting, The only gifts I receive is ones that I want.

    I've never seen the point of being given a gift and say how wonderful it is even it you hate it ( you might get more like it in the future)
    I just tell them it's not to my taste and hopefully they can get a refund.
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  • nickkohlnickkohl Forumite
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    regifting is a family tradition in my family. we make it a competition to see how many times same gift can be circulated between christmas, birthdays before finally being pawned of onto unsuspecting friends or last resort yard sale
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