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Back in September Corendon Airline agreed to pay compensation for delayed flights from July.  They said it would be paid into my bank within 6-8 weeks.  It is now 4 months and still nothing.  They are ignoring all my emails & when I called they gave me a separate email address to use and they came back to me to say they didn't deal with compensation and to go through the original complain channels (via their website)
Is there any way to get them to pay up?


  • Steffie999
    Hi, did you get anywhere with this please? I am in the same boat.  They said 10-12 weeks about 4 months ago. I have messaged twice now on original complain in their website but no reply.

  • cgibo
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    Hi. I’d love to find an answer to getting my case resolved. I had a delayed flight in July 2022. I put in a claim as soon as I returned home in early August. Corendon have acknowledge my claim and have taken details to make a payment and are now well over the 10-12 weeks that they said it would take. 
    I’ve added many messages to the complaint for an update and can see a time stamp to say they are being read but no one ever replies. 8 months I’ve been waiting for a resolution which is a joke and I don’t know how to resolve. 
  • CKhalvashi
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    Just to confirm here for all of you; which specific route was affected and who was the operating airline?

    If this was a Turkey-UK (or indeed Turkey-anywhere) sector you will have no right to compensation under either UK or EU rules if operated by the Turkish carrier. On the Dutch or Maltese carriers you will have rights in both directions, but these shouldn't be operating UK-Turkey flights now as they will not have route rights.

    If a flight departing the UK or EU with any airline we can assist a little more.
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  • snowboardalleycat
    My brother in law is still waiting too. Anyone successful?
  • AshBurns
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    It's so frustrating that they have agreed to pay the compensation, have taken bank details but just haven't paid!  No replies to any messages.
    My complaint went in in July, they agreed the compensation in Sept and I'm yet to receive any money. 
    If this was a UK company I'd have used Small Claims Court but not sure if this is possible with Turkish company! 
  • Beanz987

    17.04.2023 11:48:54 AM 
    Dear Passenger

    We are aware that you have been waiting for a long time for the compensation you are entitled to, which we confirmed long ago. We thank you for your understanding and patience. We would like to state that we will have to hold cash payments a little longer due to the intensity. 
    However, we do not want to keep you waiting any longer; we have an offer for you to use your entitlement for your next vacations or flights.
    If you wish, we can immediately send you a link to a Voucher to be used on our website for the amount provided.
    Your voucher can also be used on our website for extra services such as new flight tickets, baggage and meals. Your coupon will be valid for 4 years from the moment you confirm the link we will send you by e-mail.
    When you accept our offer, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. When you click on the "I confirm" button in the confirmation mail, a link will be sent and you will be able to immediately define your coupon on our website "" and start using it within 24 hours. 
    We will be eagerly waiting for your reply. 

    Corendon Airlines wishes you a sunny and happy day.
    Israr tarafından görüldü 17.04.2023 11:50:56 AM 

  • Beanz987
    Ask for a voucher via the online portal. 
    They sent me this earlier today. 
    Hope they send the voucher via email as promised 
  • sedim
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    I'm in the same boat - Correndon flight in July 2022 was delayed but there wasn't much of communication from them until April this year. Then in April they suddenly offer me a voucher but I don't intend to ever fly with this abysmal airline. So, still no compensation. 

    I wrote a complaint to CAA and here is what I got back:

    The CAA has previously investigated the disruption of this flight. Following our intervention, Corendon Airlines reassessed the disruption of flight XC... on ... and informed us that it is of a type that means compensation is payable. As such, the airline has agreed that passengers with a confirmed reservation for this flight are entitled to compensation.

    The airline shall be contacting you to arrange payment. We have therefore closed your file as the complaint has been resolved.

    EC Regulation 261/2004 specifies that the compensation shall be paid as monetary compensation or, with the signed agreement of the passenger, in travel vouchers and/or other services. If you aren't offered a choice of monetary compensation, please contact your airline again with your preference.

    Please allow time for the payment to be processed. If you do not hear from the airline within 12 weeks, please contact them directly with a copy of this email.

    Has anyone progressed any further than that?
  • MadMax35
    Flight delayed in June 22, compensation claim made July 22, payment agreed with Corendon September 22 and bank details provided
    Guess what?  Still waiting for payment
    Only way to contact them is to update the original complaint but it gets ignored anyway - it is read but then nothing
    I contacted CAA and after I'd provided tonnes of evidence they replied that I should receive payment or offered vouchers soon after but if nothing received within 12 weeks then contact the airline again.  I think I misunderstood their role because contacting the airline is pointless
    Corendon did offer vouchers in April - no way was I accepting those.  I couldn't put myself through all this again.  The airlines reputation is deteriorating rapidly - delays and cancellations again this year.  If a flight is cancelled they seem to be fairly prompt with refunds it's compensation they don't like to pay
    Anyway, I update my claim on a weekly basis and I am ignored on a weekly basis but this week a response although not a satisfactory one 'Your file has been processed and closed. The payment was forwarded to the responsible department. Unfortunately we cannot give you a payment date'
    I have queried why they cannot contact the 'responsible department' to chase payment but they don't answer that question
    I basically feel that the claim has been abandoned and they are hoping I just 'go away'.  
    Has anyone EVER been successful in receiving their compensation payment for flight delay?
    If so, how did you manage it?
    As far as I'm concerned it's time for them to pay me compensation for the delay in payment as well as the flight delay
    Apologies for the rant but you can probably see how frustrating I'm finding this
    Martin, can you help?
  • MadMax35
    On Sunday (25th June) it will be a full year since the flight delay they agreed to pay compensation for.  No payment, but you probably guessed that
    I did update my complaint advising that I thought it was time to consider a consolatory payment for the delay in paying the compensation.  Corendon responded with an offer of £200 on top of the original offer but in vouchers.  They stated I could use them, give them to family or sell them
    Naturally I declined.  I don't want to use the airline again, I wouldn't be cruel enough to inflict the bother on family and don't feel I could sell them either knowing that Corendon are cancelling flights already this summer too
    Shocking, absolutely shocking customer service and I would not recommend them to anyone
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