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2023 Fashion on the Ration Challenge



  • Wow, lovely to see so many new joiners, we’ll have to get some more folding chairs out of the cupboard. 

    @cowboymum mending wool was specifically excluded from rationing, darning is encouraged so carry on!  
    Life is mainly froth and bubble: two things stand like stone. Kindness in another’s trouble, courage in your own.
  • LLM2018
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    Hello, I have a question so was wondering if you could advise; how many coupons would a fat quarter of fabric be please? :)

    When life throws you a curveball, learn to catch it and throw it back! Feb Grocery Challenge/£100
  • PipneyJane
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    Good morning @Liverpool_Anne.  You were up late!  Couldn’t sleep?  Or were there air-raids over your side of the village?

    Anne’s right, @LLM2018.  A fat quarter is a quarter of a metre so half a coupon.

    Welcome @cowboymum.  As Polly said, darning wool is specifically mentioned as being coupon free.

    Does everyone have enough tea?  I’ll make a fresh pot.

    - Pip
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    2024 Fashion on the Ration Challenge 66 coupons,
  • @PipneyJane, oh I have a terrible sleep pattern and often find myself awake in the small hours :smiley:. I read an article about sleep the other day which said our natural sleep pattern pre industrialisation and use of artificial light was to go to bed about 9 but to wake up about midnight for a couple of hours and then to have a second sleep. In various sleep studies when people have been deprived of artificial light they have reverted to this pattern so I like to think I am just reverting to that but the truth is ever since I worked shifts at a previous job over 35 years ago my sleep pattern has been wrecked so when I find myself awake I just do something that is not too taxing until I feel tired enough to go back to sleep. Having said that I have been known to go out shopping at 4am or tackle the ironing in the middle of the night :smiley: but usually I just read something :smiley: I usually manage at least 6 hours but I know I can get by on 4 hours for several days before I crash :smiley: though it is something I keep trying to sort out I think I would have coped reasonably well with the bombing raids disturbing my sleep which were quite heavy in this part of the country, the evidence can still be seen in the city with the gaps in the older property being filled in with newer buildings and the landmark of the "bombed out church" kept as a memorial in the city. Sorry rambling :smiley:
    Take care everyone 
  • @Madbat60 I really recommend this book The Overlocker Technique Manual: The complete guide to serging and decorative stitching

    The other thing to do is just get your overlook out and practice, practice. Everybody complains about threading it, I don’t find that such a problem although it’s fiddly, but I don’t fully understand things like tension. The book has really good examples in.  I’m by no means an expert, but having an overlocker does open up different things you can do (although quite often a machine zigzag will do the job). 

    I believe that @thriftwizard is a bit of an expert user? 
    Life is mainly froth and bubble: two things stand like stone. Kindness in another’s trouble, courage in your own.
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