DrCarrie's adventures in saving to be a mortgage-free wannabe

Hello, all new friends and old?

I am here for a new adventure, and to document my adventures. To notice new obstacles and turn them into paths. 

I have never been a saver. I am 50 and have never been a saver. I have been a spender. I have cleared my debts 3 times and spent significant windfalls. I have had 2 mortgages and now I rent (£895 pcm). I paid off the last of my credit cards (bar £25, which will go out as a DD mid-December). I am now ready to get back to securing my future and living a life with fun and frolics in the cheap seats. 

I have cleared 21K in debt in 26 months, it's been an adventure in ongoing spending less and earning more over that time. Learned a lot of lessons about what I want and what I need. I use the 50/30/20 rules for guide for my budget but my wants are 10% and my saving is 40% of my salary. There are lots of adjustments on this along the way. I am wanting to get 20K in the savings coffers for a new home  - in the Midlands (currently in Brighton), and 1K in the EF. 

I have secured an overtime rate and so I am hoping that I will be able to add a fair bit on top of the 37% of my salary going into the deposit pot (with 3% of my salary going to the EF). 

Part of my adventures are always about food, I used to be a chef,  and I am taking on a new challenge of 30 different plants a week...Tim Spector style. A new book is out, not bought it yet. Other adventures will be learning from the boards, making good use of my Season ticket when I have one, and my Network railcard. Airing myself out daily and generally doing things with not much money, or that are planned for. 

I am going to track the small wins and add them to the deposit fund. Like my round-ups and sweeps at the end of the month. Starting next month. 




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