NST August 2022: Lights, Camera, Action!

NST August 2022: Lights, Camera, Action!

Welcome to another Ninja Saving Turtle challenge. We aim for health, wealth and a life well-lived, all whilst riding the EAC (East Australia Current – from Finding Nemo) and enjoying life.

Boiling water will soften a potato but harden an egg. You can’t control whether you are a potato or an egg, but you can decide to play a game where it’s better to be hard or soft. If you can find a more favourable environment, you can transform the situation from one where the odds are against you to one where they are most in your favour. James Clear – Atomic Habits

Ninjasavingkat said: “As we clear out debts, we clear our lives. Of things that tie us down, make us unhappy, look untidy, feel wrong and don't fit our lives any more. The idea of clearing our debts is to improve our life - right?!? Well we need to be healthy in order to enjoy this debt free life, don't we?”



-get yourself outside as much as possible this month (if you can’t get outside, sit near a window and keep looking outside)

-light up other peoples’ lives – be kind, be complimentary, be generous.

-light up your own life too – be kind, be complimentary and be generous to yourself. Do more of what makes you happy. Enjoy life. Nourish your soul.

-make your own life lighter: what (who?!?!) can you dispose of to reduce the strains and stresses?

-reduce your possessions: we usually have far too much stuff that clutters up our physical surrounding and our mental state. Look at this objectively: if you do not love the item and find joy in it, then let it go!


-‘the camera never lies’ is itself a lie! What with photoshop and filters (and all sorts of technological wizardry that is beyond my ken), nothing online can be trusted to be what it purports to be. So don’t believe it. Don’t be comparing yourself to what others put out there. Be true to yourself.

-how much time do you spend looking at a screen? Aim to reduce this.

-take time to look at things and see them anew. Find the beauty.

-look ahead at where you want to be and set some goals, or look back at ones from earlier this year. It is now 5 months to the end of the year, so have a look at your goals and take some baby steps towards achieving them. Make each day count towards the goals that are important to you. Do something every day that takes you one step closer to one of them.

-start thinking about that day in December – can you cut back the spending and focus on a simpler day/period?


-get moving! Be it yoga, belly down burpees (my fave as you get a chance for a little rest at the bottom!), walking, stretching, gardening, snorkelling, roller skating, belly dancing…

-be proactive about your health.

-take action on your debts/savings. Check over your financial plan – does it need any tweaking? Can you bump it up a gear? Prices are rising – make sure you know where your money is now going.

-inaction is also a goal – take time to simply sit and be. Use all your senses.

-eat well to fuel the body you want. Can you batch cook? Can you cook once and eat twice just by cooking a little extra? Keep hydrated. Replace a less healthy food with a healthier one.


Some rules:

-this challenge runs for the whole month of August

-make a budget and stick to it. If you overspend in some areas, look at why that happened. Plan Plan Plan. Look at the month ahead and be prepared for what is coming your way. Do you need to get more cat/dog food…? Prep now so you don't have to use your credit card or panic. Preparation is the key to success. Plan your outings – remember: no cafes / restaurants / work canteens / no vending machines or corner cafes… (Unless specifically planned and budgeted for) Take food and drinks everywhere with you.

-aim for 15-18 NSDs (you keep an NSD for direct debits/standing orders, fuel, medical needs, travel, odds and sods payments that are irregular [but set the money aside at the start of the month], buying only ys/reduced items and nowt else)

-try to drop in every day and tell us 3+ gratitudes for the day. We love to share in victories whether large or small, cheer each other on, and support each other in tough times.  No turtle (and their loved ones) is ever left behind.

Who is with me?


NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!


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