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CASE WON Student Accommodation with free parking

edited 27 January at 3:33PM in Parking tickets, fines & parking
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  • Mouse007Mouse007 Forumite
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    Mouse007 said:

    The Court writes to inform you, that your hearing due to take place on Tuesday 24th January has been vacated due to Judge unavailability.

    Mrs Mouse has volunteered to stand in for them

    We're GO GO GO live hearing at 11.30am in Court today

    BBC WatchDog “if you are struggling with an unfair parking charge do get in touch”

    Please email your PCN story to [email protected] they want to hear about it.
    Please then tell us here that you have done so.

  • paulstevens64paulstevens64 Forumite
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    Looking forward to the court reporrt. Good luck Mr Mouse
  • edited 27 January at 5:10PM
    GalloglassGalloglass Forumite
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    edited 27 January at 5:10PM
    Nice example of a judge reaching into his her bag of legal devices to come up with a solution. Looks like estoppel where the honest belief of the D swayed the result.

    D wins. C gets to reinforce their requirement for permit to comply with the contract on the signs. 
    • All land is owned. If you are not on yours, you are on someone else's
    • When on someone else's be it a road, a pavement, a right of way or a property there are rules. Don't assume there are none.
    • "Free parking" doesn't mean free of rules. Check the rules and if you don't like them, go elsewhere
    • All land is owned. If you are not on yours, you are on someone else's and their rules apply.
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