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should there be any compensation?

Sorry i hope i am posting this in the right place - travel?  We have just returned from a UK tour holiday with a very well known company.  We booked luggage transfer through them as we are elderly and thought if we didnt have to carry our luggage it would be a bonus and make the holiday more enjoyable for us.  However, our luggage was collected but never arrived - for the WHOLE holiday.  We had inadvertently put deodorant and aftershave in the cases which the carrier was unhappy about.  We received a call about this before we were scheduled to leave and said we were happy for them to open the cases, remove the offending items and forward the rest of the contents as arranged.  We got nothing, so we spent the entire holiday in little more than the clothes we stood up in.  The travel company did say we could purchase a certain amount of items each day so we were frugal as they kept telling us (and the tour guide) that the luggage would be with us the next day.  This was a daily thing but nothing ever arrived.  We came home yesterday and the cases came back to us from the original depot to which they were collected so it would seem that they never left our town despite being told they were on the way.  Is there anybody who can advise where we stand with this - should we ask for compensation?  This holiday was booked last year in August and was a celebration for my husband who was 80 whilst we were away.  For me it was ruined but i don't know how to go about getting some redress.  I deliberately haven't named the company as I dont wish to appear vindictive but i spent a lot of time crying when i should have been enjoying a once in a lifetime for us trip.  Thanks for any advice.


  • twopenny
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    What was in the terms and conditions exactly?
    Refering to the luggage, what could and couldn't be put in the cases?
    How did they know there were these items in there?
    Was this luggage sent by airline or some specialised delivery vehicle?
    That's the first step to see whether you breached the contract with them.
    I'm sorry it caused you so much upset. And many happy returns to your husband.

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  • sheramber
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    Were the offending items still in suitcases?

    If so, security and personal safety may have meant they were not allowed to open the cases.

  • Thrugelmir
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    How did anyone know the items were in your suitcases?  
  • onashoestring
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    Sorry to hear about your disappointing holiday and luggage problems.

    You said that the courier contacted you before you left , was it the courier that suggested that they remove the items and then send the luggage on ? Was this agreed in an e-Mail or  phone conversation?

    You also mentioned that the travel company said you could purchase a few items each day - have they reimbursed you for this - was there a daily limit on how much you could both spend ?
  • jobgypsy
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    the luggage would have been sent by road to destination.  the deodrant and aftershave were in the cases as i thought it would have been ok on a van - as opposed to a plane - they were only going from newcastle to edinburgh.  think they must have scanned the luggage?  but they had it Tuesday and did not call us until Friday to discuss.  Yes it was agreed they could open the luggage - wwhich they did as cases returned with locks broken off - and remove the items and then forward remaining items in case to the hotel.  i cannot say how upsetting this all has been.  imagine going on holiday and having to wear the same clothese for a week.  the travel company did say we could buy items but we had to limit this as 1) we couldnt physically carry them and 2) they kep telling us everyday that luggage would arrive tomorrow  - we spent 1/2 of the allowed amount on one day simply because we needed clean underwear(:
  • Alfrescodave
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    Since when has deodorant and aftershave become unacceptable to transport in a suitcase !

    Please examine all documents provided to you to see if there is any reference to these "dangerous" items. If no such wording then I would be asking for compensation for a ruined holiday.

    Can you provide answers to questions raised on this forum so people can provide assistance as to how best resolve this issue to your satisfaction
  • onashoestring
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    It’s difficult without knowing the company to check their T&Cs and what you would be owed
    in this situation.
     - However since it was agreed with the courier that the items could be removed and you were repeatedly assured that your luggage would arrive the next day they have failed to deliver this service .
    - I would make a written complaint to the tour company (with whom the service was booked )

    If they try to say that you were at fault for putting the wrong items in the luggage -they still did not get the luggage to you in a reasonable time after it had been agreed that they would do this - therefore I would expect them to refund you some money as a good will gesture as a minimum . 
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    What type of tour was this?  It just seems very odd that luggage would be sent by courier rather than staying with the traveller for a holiday which is entirely UK based.
  • jobgypsy
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    Hi it was a rail journey tour but the company we booked with promoted this second company service on their literature which was what made us feel confident to book with them - they are a big respectable company.  It was purely because we are elderly and not in great health and thought it would be a special treat to have our luggage delivered to the hotel instead of carrying it ourselves on trains.
  • jobgypsy
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    we arrived home on Monday 9th May and our luggage arrived back at the house about an hour after us. The locks had been broken off which we expected and had given permission for.  From the labels attached it had never left Newcastle - our town.  The luggage was collected on Tuesday 26th and I received the phone call about prohibited items - deodrant etc - on Friday 29th April.  It was agreed with the company that they could remove the flimsy locks and remove any items they found offensive and then forward the cases to our destination.  We were not travelling until Sunday so it should have been enough time as Newcastle - Edinburgh 2 hours max?  
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