Got any creative tips for using leftover chocolate Easter eggs?



  • otb666
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    just melt and add cornflakes then let harden again
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  • weenancyinAmerica
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    Can also peanuts or raisins to the melted chocolate too.
  • LameWolf
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    Use 100g of your leftover Easter Egg chocolate instead of the cooking chocolate in the following recipe:

    CHOCCIE MOUSSE - Wolfie's tweaked version of a recipe that appeared in the Telegraph in November 2006.

    • 3.5oz / 100g dark cooking chocolate (I use 18 squares of Aldee's "The Pantry" range)
    • Quarter pint / 140ml double cream - if the Extra Thick stuff is available, I use that, otherwise ordinary double cream is fine.
    • A two-inch sprig of fresh Rosemary.
    • One level tablespoon sugar (recipe says caster, I use granulated cos I cba with umpteen types of sugar about the place)
    • 2 free range eggs, separated.
    • Break the chocolate into individual squares, add a spoonful of the cream, and CAREFULLY melt over a pan of hot water, or VERY CAREFULLY melt in the microwave.
    • Mix in the sugar; snip the rosemary needles into tiny, tiny pieces with scissors and mix them in also. (Discard the stem)
    • Mix in the rest of the cream and the egg yolks.
    • Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl til they stand up in soft peaks, then fold them into the rest of the mixture, ensuring they are fully incorporated.
    • Divide the mixture into four dessert dishes and refrigerate.
    If there are only two of you to enjoy this lovely dessert, the remaining two helpings will keep perfectly well in the fridge til the next day; you do not need to eat two portions!
    If you feel like at least a nod towards your five-a-day, satsuma segments or fresh cherries make a delicious decoration, or you could experiment with other fruits.

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  • MSE_Laura_F
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    With Easter 2023 imminent, I'd love to hear of any other ideas you have for using up surplus Easter eggs.

    I'll start:
    • Supe up homemade brownies by crushing chocolate eggs and adding them into the mix, or use them as embellishment.
    • Melt them down into hot chocolate.
    • Donate them to a food bank (find your nearest).
    • Freeze them and keep them for a special occasion.
  • MSE_Laura_F
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    baser999 said:
    Had to read the title of the thread twice - leftover Easter eggs 😂
    Sorry for the confusion @baser999 - I've tweaked the title now.
  • JIL
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    Instagram is full of videos of making blocks of chocolate by melting down chocolate and adding decorations like mini eggs.  
    Not sure if I see the point!!

    My vote goes for mousse or melting on top of a sponge cake.
  • Glad
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    If it's dark chocolate, adding a small amount to chilli is amazing :)
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  • Gem-gem
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    Chocolate steamed pudding with a chocolate sauce. (I adapted a Mary Berry steamed pudding recipe).

    Chocolate ganache to go on top of a chocolate cake. (I have also been know to use Hotel Choc0l@t's salted caramel hot choc sachet). 

    Make peppermint creams and dip them in chocolate. 

    Melt, stir in raisins and nuts. 

    (We don't have any leftover Easter Eggs in our house either).

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