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Charity Shopping - New to You in '22!

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    EcoIntent said:
    I called at the Charity shop today, it was to drop off a bag of donations, not to buy.

    I start a 'no buy' Jan tomorrow though, so was sucked in to a few books at 49p each  :# !
    • Nadiya Bakes by Naiya Hussain
    • Penguin Orange Spine - 10 rules of life by Jordan B Peterson
    • Penguin Orange Spine - How much is enough? by Robert Skidelsky & Edward Skidelsky
    So, much as I would like to be joining you in 2022 to share my finds - it will only be if it is a need with any luck.

    Treasurequeen, the beeswax pellets were a bargain!

    I have this book and love it. Not a fan of Jordan Peterson though, he just seems nasty.
    No man is worth crawling on this earth.

    So much to read, so little time.
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    @Brie I think it was @goldfinches who was searching for one, good spot!
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    My mum volunteers in one of our local charity shops so I dropped her off a huge bag of books and dvd's to take in on tuesday.
    I popped into another on the way home and pucked up 3 crime novels for £1- new authors to me but all recent releases
    April £5 a day challenge- £15.05/£150
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