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Charity Shopping - New to You in '22!

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Shiny new thread for sharing our bargains when the chazzers reopen after New Year... Happy chazzing everyone!
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    Brie said:
    OH has def found the chaz spirit - got himself some nice LPs (Fidelio playing loudly in the next room....) as well as lovely presents for me.

    There was an Emile Henri escargot dish - (mislabelled as something in which one could cook quail eggs!) and a lovely square vintage silk scarf apparently designed by one of Mary Quant's team.  
    Very envious of the Emile Henri dish, I've never yet managed to find/fondle anything from that range. The scarf also sounds rather lovely too.

    . A host of legends surround this, one of the loveliest of seafoods, except when overcooked. My favourite true story concerns the young lady scallop preparation worker, interviewed by the 'New Yorker' Magazine. When asked for her honest opinion of the shellfish she said "They don't have much personality".
    From Patrick Anthony's International MENU Dictionary.
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