Charity Shopping - New to You in '22!

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Shiny new thread for sharing our bargains when the chazzers reopen after New Year... Happy chazzing everyone!
2021 Decluttering Awards: ⭐⭐🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇


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    I try to deal with my CS addiction by aiming to operate a one in, one out policy. Ideally donating the one out unless it is tatty and needs chucking.
    Just before Christmas I bought M and S black PE leggings with pinky red trim £2.99. I then found a black Adidas PE top with the Adidas stripes in the same pinky red in another shop for £3. Mind I’ll need more than matching clothes to shift all the food I’ve eaten this weekend!
    Also a Sainsbury’s pretty floral big teacup £1 and an octagonal glass bowl perfect for my Christmas clementine trifle £3.
    5 items in the donate bag.
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    Brie said:
    OH has def found the chaz spirit - got himself some nice LPs (Fidelio playing loudly in the next room....) as well as lovely presents for me.

    There was an Emile Henri escargot dish - (mislabelled as something in which one could cook quail eggs!) and a lovely square vintage silk scarf apparently designed by one of Mary Quant's team.  
    Very envious of the Emile Henri dish, I've never yet managed to find/fondle anything from that range. The scarf also sounds rather lovely too.

    , n. A nutritious substance supplied by a bountiful Providence for the fattening of the poor. 

    from The Devil's Dictionary
    by Ambrose Bierce
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    Wandered into Sue Ryder.
    People must have been having a clear out as they had stacks of bags and boxes by their till!

    Poor things, about to over run by the new year decluttering all over again.

    I did my duty and helped clear a little bit of space for them by taking 5 books from them, £1 each including one hardback.
    They must have had a run on them since my last visit as a lot of new titles in. I could easily have bought double but I only had £5 in cash on me.

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