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Why would someone not redirect their post?



  • Newnoel
    Newnoel Forumite Posts: 378
    Third Anniversary 100 Posts Name Dropper
    Long time since I last moved, but we used to mark all post "RTS", and it mostly dried up 

    Only ones that ignored this were Tesco and NatWest. I eventually marked their envelope "Deceased. Please stop sending mail"

    That did the trick! 
  • lookstraightahead
    lookstraightahead Forumite Posts: 5,468
    Fifth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    We always put a six month redirect on, but here are some perfectly valid reasons in general:

    redirection is only for the names stipulated, for example,  I have two different surnames so it costs us more.

    most people do most things electronically, especially if you're younger - post is a very old fashioned way to communicate in lots of cases 

    people split up and one person doesn't bother 

    people have organised themselves with changing the most important stuff (credit cards etc)

    posties get it wrong sometimes.

    People are really busy

    people just forget 

    people can't afford it (some people move out through repossession / divorce, not because they're happily buying a new house)

    some people are lazy

    Personally I'm happy to forward it on - it's not the biggest hassle in the world. 
  • lookstraightahead
    lookstraightahead Forumite Posts: 5,468
    Fifth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Owleyes00 said:
    Brie said:
    Related rant....we moved into a place nearly 4 years back and I believe they had a redirect on for 6 months.  Which meant that come Christmas time we got quite a few cards addressed to them.  I took them to the EA to forward.

    Following year same thing happened although a few less.  Took them to the EA.

    Third year - still got cards.  None of them have return addresses on them.  Why on earth would someone send post out without a return address???   Given that the previous residents are of a certain age there's always the possibility they would downsize, or worse, die.  Wouldn't you want to know??  We've also received a card with someone's new address which is easier to deal with but only because I opened the envelope.  

    I can also only assume that the previous residents are also sending out cards without a return address and are probably wondering what has happened to all the friends that used to send them something each year.  

    I have no problem with the various catalogues or junk mail  - they can be binned, returned or pop something through to the company website.  It's the personal correspondence that concerns me.
    The Christmas card thing is bizarre. When I move I always get mine sent out early with a little sticker with our new address on 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Some people don't send out Christmas cards en masse and therefore don't expect to receive them.

    I only send Christmas cards to people overseas and maybe a few of my parents' elderly family friends. 

    And some people are too busy to write them, or decide to send an email instead.

    my daughter doesn't send or receive any Christmas cards.
  • lookstraightahead
    lookstraightahead Forumite Posts: 5,468
    Fifth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    bap98189 said:
    I don't think I would bother nowadays. Everything important is electronic. I can't remember the last time I received post that wasn't junk.
    Tend to agree - there's a couple of bits but for important things - dr, bank, credit cards etc you can just go on line and do it.

    I suppose it depends whether you're an online kind of person.
  • Owleyes00
    Owleyes00 Forumite Posts: 244
    100 Posts Second Anniversary Name Dropper

    Personally I'm happy to forward it on - it's not the biggest hassle in the world. 
    I disagree - it’s really annoying having someone else’s post clutter up the side and then having to make a special trip to the postbox because, as discussed, most people aren’t sending a lot of letters nowadays
  • bramptonbrew
    bramptonbrew Forumite Posts: 64
    Second Anniversary 10 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    We got a parcel for the previous tenant - 5 years after he had moved out. I accepted the parcel because I assumed it was something my husband had ordered (didn't look at the name on it), and only realised a few hours later when he got home and pointed out it was addressed to the old tenant.

    I had planned to return it to the retailer, but that evening, the (very apologetic) previous tenant turned up and asked if anything had arrived. Turns out, he hadn't ordered from that particular website since he'd moved to his new place, and forgot to update the address. It was only when he got the text notification "your item has been delivered" and the photo of the front door that he realised it'd gone to the wrong address. 

    It didn't happen again haha
  • RS2OOO
    RS2OOO Forumite Posts: 375
    Sixth Anniversary 100 Posts Name Dropper
    Was at one of my previous addresses for 16 years, and every Christmas for that entire 16 years I received 2 Christmas cards from the same 2 people addressed to the previous owners. 

    The senders never missed a single year.

    I found it amazing for there to be such a lack of communication for so long. I bet they are still being received at that address to this day.

  • SameOldRoundabout
    SameOldRoundabout Forumite Posts: 593
    500 Posts Third Anniversary Name Dropper
    Our house was rented out for a decade, then empty for over a year before we moved in 18 months ago. The previous tenants were appalling, they left the house in a terrible state and unfortunately the old owner didn’t notice they left bacon inside the lovely range when they left. That was our surprise on move in day, needed a new oven. 

    Anyway, mail still comes for that tenant and I either bin it or return to sender. One came from an insurance company a while back and I binned it. The tenant then had the gall to knock the door and ask if any post had arrived for him! Over 2 years after he’d moved! I advised him that if it did I would be returning to sender and he meekly left. 

    Today, a new letter from the insurance company has arrived so he’s arranged to have it re delivered to the wrong address! At this point I don’t know whether to post is back or open it and call them. It’s obviously a cheque as he was bothered enough to come over! 
  • london21
    london21 Forumite Posts: 1,972
    1,000 Posts Second Anniversary Name Dropper

    I also experienced this, the neighbour had said if they get letters I should give it to her. I informed her that they would have to do a redirection.

    They have done a redirection but still get letters occasionally and just write return to sender, the addressed person no longer lives here.

    The redirection has a limit of 4 people I think so some other people’s name still comes through. I find that the numbers have reduced since I have started returning to sender.

    It’s been 4 months since I moved in and the neighbour asked the other day that previous occupants are expecting an important letter, if its important wonder why they cant just change their address.

  • Nifty_Purse
    Nifty_Purse Forumite Posts: 62
    Eighth Anniversary 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    Please be careful. It is illegal to open mail not addressed to you. You do not need one of these people becoming angry with you!

    On the other hand, if you're sure it is an insurance company I'm sure they would be interested to know that the policy holder has given them a false address! ? !
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