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    Blulu said:
    Soooo...as the MSE team will hopefully get to peek at this thread, I thought I would restate my major issues with the (now old) new look forum:

    1) The main issue by far, in my humbles, is the naff search facility. It makes it so hard to search to see if a comp you want to post is already here. Apart from it being a pain to list comps now, it also increases the likelihood of posting dupes, meaning folk are more likely to enter a comp twice, meaning they will probably have invalidated their entries. AGREE it's a nonsense they have a new forum that doesn't have working search facility - the old forum one was not good but this is far worse (how can results not automatically be in date order?)

    2) That hovering over a link no longer shows a snippet of the thread 'under' the link. This means it takes longer to work through the board. AGREE a real time waster if you still bother to enter from here

    3) That you can't increase the number of listed threads as we used to be able to. It's hard to explain, but changing from one page of lists to another is a pain to do, as it could mean you miss the odd comp while doing it. That's why it's easier to comp when you can list more of them on one page.AGREE, the old default of 20 suited me and many people selected more than that

    4) Not being able to see more than 10 names who have ticked "Compliment" on threads. This makes it harder to see if you have entered or not. This especially applies to regular competition threads, where you will probably have green ticked them, but the green tick doesn't help you to see where you are up to on the thread. AGREE they tied themselves in knots to remove the thanks option from competitions time (by far and away the most used part of the forum) - so a chance to enter and win say £10,000 shouldn't be thanked but a code to get 2p or how to keep slugs off your garden should! (although under this forum the "thanks" button is a useless as the "compliment" one for the number you can see)

    5) Not being able to untick the green tick/red cross button, without ticking the other one. Sometimes, after ticking you can realise you'd rather leave this blank and come back to it later to enter or red cross it. AGREE - just work as it did - I used to red x everything when I had seen it and also tick those I entered when I did so which might have been at the time or from a folder to deal with later

    6) Not being able to add new comments to threads in Game Over. I honestly don't see any good reason to prohibit this. Sometimes it's useful to comment on a Game Over thread, for a variety of reasons.AGREE, appears to be no reason for it and sometimes people put a closed date when they post something which stops the tick and cross working and prevents posting on it to point out the error 

    7) Bookmarking a thread doesn't always work anymore. I no longer get emailed for new posts on the regulars board (Agree - I don't use this function but have seen comments about it elsewhere on the swagcodes thread, starting a new thread seemed to solve it but that shouldn't be necessary)

    8) Not being able tick a box for MSE to send me chocolate. OK, I can't really justify this one, but while we're asking, I thought I might as well try it on.

    Don't know if anyone else wants to add any more to the list? Feel free if you do.

    9) Being forced to enter a closing date when posting a competition which was rejected as an idea on the old forum but what makes worse is the fact the date does not automatically show as the first part of the thread title so for the basic  forum user it is a total waste of time

    10) Creating the advent section, mainly for spending any time doing this when there are so many unresolved issues but also for doing something that as far as I can recall (I am not going to try and search for previous comments on this) is not something the majority were after (having compared some posts that were close to like for like there were fewer entries with the separate section this than when they were "all in", so convenient for some but not for others)

    Blu XXX

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