Money Moral Dilemma: I sold the books my brother didn't want - should I share the money with him?

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    Do you know the story of The little red hen?
    If not (why????!!!) then look it up. Same scenario. Your brother didn’t want the books, didn’t help sell them but now wants his share of the spoils??? Jog on, brother!
    If he is insistent then say you’ll keep the cash as storage fees for his property that he’s dumped on you and say he’s jolly lucky you’re not charging him real storage fees. Some people really do want things handing to them for doing nothing at all. Unbelievable.
  • MamothMamoth Forumite
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    Take off all your expenses,postage,packageEtc.
    Give him half and half the books.The rest is up to him.
    Don't tell him how much you get for future sales.

  • RatRace_2RatRace_2 Forumite
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    I agree with the comments that it is not worth falling out over £25.  However, frankly I think your brother is the one being petty about it and ungrateful.  I would share the money after taking out your costs but then say to your brother that he either takes the rest of the stuff you have been storing for him in the next week or you will require storage fees from him/ give it to the charity shop.
  • johnwnormingtonjohnwnormington Forumite
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    If you love him, yes share. There is mot enough kindness in the world. It will make you feel good too. 
  • John_GrayJohn_Gray Forumite
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    Another Money Moral Maze "Dilemma" where tens of people spend/waste their time advising over an absolutely trivial amount of money: £25. 
    Toss a coin: heads you keep the money, tails you give it to your brother.
    Or vice versa...
  • CruixerCruixer Forumite
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    This is simple. Its not a moral dilemma. There is no moral issue here, if he gave you the books then they are yours to do what you want with. If its not clear that he gave you them then that's different

    However, that's not the real issue. The issue is what value can you put on maintaining a good relationship with your brother, and are you willing to ruin it for a relatively small amount of money? 

    Discuss with him, make the point that he gave them to you, you stored them, you did all the work of selling them, so you need to deduct your costs first, including time, then agree how to share the profit - amicably.
  • L14MMG_2L14MMG_2 Forumite
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    Give your brother the opportunity to sell some other items for an equivalent amount, then he has to take the time and trouble , listing and posting, so he will have earned his money just as you have.
  • NuadhaNuadha Forumite
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    I was the brother in this case, I left stuff at my brother's house for a couple of years. I said I didn't want some items and he could have them. He sold them straight away, and offered me ALL the money, and I flat refused to take anything, as it wasn't mine anymore and  before saying he could have it, I neither had the will nor desire to sell the stuff myself.

    It boils down to relationships here.. what's it worth? 

  • WelstgecolWelstgecol Forumite
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    I would tell him that what you made you consider to cover storage costs.  If he wants to, he can come and collect all the other stuff you have been storing for him, give you your own space back and then he can do as he likes with it all.  If he doesn't, you'll keep selling it but you will give him 25-50% of any future profit.  Can't be fairer than that??

    But the BIG question is:  Where did you sell them and what books were they to be able to make £50 off of two!?!?!??  :)

  • TringaTringa Forumite
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    After taking of the fees and postage you have paid I would offer your brother 30% of the profit you made on the books.

    I think that is reasonable given he said he did not want the books and you did the listing, parcelling and posting of them when they sold.

    Suggest you do the same with the rest of the books and on same 70/30 split. If he doesn't like that then agree to give him half of the profit you have made so far and tell him you will drop the rest of the books around at his place in the next week.
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