May 2021 Grocery Challenge

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    Thanks for starting this new thread.
    I would like to be included for £100 please.
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    Hi @elsiepac. Thanks for running these threads. Could you please put me down for £400 for May 1 - 31. I’m still on April trying not to go over too badly again. 😕
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    Hi elsiepac, I see you've added me in for £180 already for this month.  Thank you for that, that is indeed my budget for May.  As always my month runs from 25th as that's when OH gets paid.  I will need to do a bit of a stock up shop at the start of May as we've run donw the freezer and a good bit of the pantry.  I have ordered my fitsy ever 'too good to go' bag form M&S and pick up tonight.  Hoping it's worthwhile and might save us a bit in the long run.  We do have a local community fridge that I will look into sigining up for too.
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