May 2021 Grocery Challenge

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    Good afternoon All
     £11.50 for the rest of the month.  < cough > 2 days < /cough >. I’m now debating that, instead of the usual, Sunday walk down to the C0-0p for the paper, I may drive to MrT’s.  We need yoghurts and some salad leaves, but really nothing else.  Except for those, we’ve got enough of everything now, to see us through to next weekend.

    The only reason we need salad leaves is that I’m now planning on making a chicken, bacon and avocado salad for lunch tomorrow, also utilising some of the spring onion.  I’ve got cooking bacon in the fridge and am defrosting a chicken breast. 

    - Pip

    Well, I went to MrT's.  Three Yeo Valley yoghurts at £1.50 a pop, a hand of bananas, a bag of spinach and a "family pack" of red and yellow peppers (96p).  £7.30 spent.   Plenty of confusion in store, thanks to them trialling several "Card Only" tills.  Interestingly, the lady manning my till was constantly telling people in her queue that she was cash only.  It wasn't signposted; I think she was just doing it to ensure people could pay in cash.  

    Somewhere in store, I managed to lose the shopping bag I had stuffed into the back pocket of my jeans, so I was not best pleased.  No idea when it went missing - I would have sworn it was still there, until I put my hand in my pocket to find it.  Fortunately it was only a 5p bag for life and not one of "the good ones".  Luckily, I always carry a nylon folding bag in my handbag, so I used that instead.  

    With the above shop counted,

    I'm declaring at £137.80/£142.00,

    leaving £4.20 to roll over to June.  See you in the June Challenge.

    - Pip
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    Last shop today, decided salad was needed, £11.29 in A1d1, totalling May total spends to £348.67, I do not include car and pet exes,  forgot creme freche, but next door will get that for me, 
    2018 £2149, 2019 £2000, 2020 £1456, 2021 £4000
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    @Sallyp2 - you are so right about M*rks flowers and I find that the £10 lilies last for three weeks whereas the £6 ones only just make it to 7 days so feel that the additional outlay is worth it.  I have also bought from various local florists and found that no matter how carefully I trim stems, change water and so on some part of the arrangement is wilting by the end of the second day so I now only buy from M*rks. 

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    Very happy I came in at £20  under budget for May, so reducing by that much for June.
    2021 in 2021 = 3005/2021
    Frugal living challenge 4699/12,000
    May grocery challenge 290/310
    June grocery challenge 236/280 
    July grocery challenge 164/200
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    I was overspent on May at £102,84/100. Ah well some you win  some you don't . B)
    Grocery Challenge 2023. Annual budget £75.58/£1200
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    I havent totted up yet properly, but I will amend signature when i do.
    I was quite a bit under,so will go from there with this months budget.
    It has included a few purchases of donuts from a new store that do vegan ones; but still under thankfully.
    Still bringing food home from work to rejig into more or different meals, and using Olio. Though was locked out of my account for a few weeks, so may have missed a few freebies.
    See you over in the June thread.

    JAN £71.37/120
    Forever learning the art of frugality
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