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Vinted Returns

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Vinted - particularly their returns policy. 

I have bought/sold quite lot on ebay and a little on depop, but am new to Vinted. I recently bought a white blouse, and despite specifically asking the seller if there were any stains or defects and being told there weren't, it arrived with a big yellow stain that won't wash out. 

Vinted have a returns policy that the buyer always pays for return shipping, even if the item is clearly damaged/not as described/not what was ordered etc. 

On the Vinted forum it looks like lots of people have had the same problem and are basically just told by vinted "that's the policy". 

It seems like many sellers are selling rubbish and hiding any defects in the photos, gambling on the fact that the cost of returning an item may make it not worth making a return and they'll keep the sale. This maybe also has a negative impact on the good sellers out there who are having to reduce prices due to low buyer confidence. 

My question is, is Vinted allowed to have a policy where buyers have to pay for return shipping, even in situations where it clearly is not their fault? This seems to go against normal online shopping regulations and is at odds with what happens on other second hand platforms such as Ebay?

Thanks everyone :)


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    I know nothing about vinted, but assuming they are in the UK then they must abide by UK laws, and that requires the seller to pay return costs. However I have no idea how you would enforce that easily. 
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    This is what I thought, and they are definitely operating in the UK.

    I wonder if there is any small print whereby these regulations don't apply to items from private sellers? It is the same set up as ebay though, and the one time I had an item arrive broken from a private seller on ebay I never had any issues with having to pay return shipping. Can't understand why the standard laws would apply on ebay, amazon marketplace etc. but not Vinted. 

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    My experience is that returns are at the discretion of the seller. Vinted offer very little protection. I don't know legally, how they can offer less protection that the law allows. Return postage is paid by buyer, even if the item is not as described or  possibly a completely different item to the one advertised.
    I'm quite angry about it. About 25% of what I've bought on vinted is a lot of crap- and the description has been- if not an actual lie- just wrong. I'd like to know why there's almost no protection for buyers.
    An amateur outfit, a money-making scheme, they do not care about buyers.
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    I would avoid a site with those terms and conditions, similar to all the ebay sellers who state once posted the
    buyer takes all the risk. No comebacks etc.. Best to just avoid them from the start no matter how cheap.

    Is it a legal requirement for a private seller to pay the return costs?  It maybe an ebay rule but is that
    based on a legal rule?  Privately selling used items not a business.

    Spread the good word about the way they treat customers and how certain sellers are taking advantage
    of the fact buyers pay return costs and some will happily sell tat knowing the return costs will outweigh
    the cost of just throwing it away.

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