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I've been on the MSE forum a while. I've always known I was in debt but pushed it to the back of my mind, convinced I don't owe a lot. Been in debt since I was 18 maybe earlier.. 
Roll forward to last year, paying minimums on CC and loans, still convinced in my head that I don't really owe a lot.... WRONG! I've managed to rack up around 5K on CC and Loans!  :s BUT, I still didn't really see it as a lot, which is stupid! I think I thought being in Debt was "Normal" due to both my mam and sister also being in debt...

I finally shook my head and realised, 5K is a lot. I decided Saturday evening to contact PayPlan, today I spoke with an advisor and set up a DMP. I spoke to someone who is really lovely and reassured me that speaking to them and getting advice is the right thing to do. I start paying my DMP next month, It's estimated I will be debt free by April next year! I'm honestly so motivated to do this and not be in anymore debt! I'll also be receiving some money from my Grandad passing last year, so hopefully will pay off my debts quicker :smile:
Also, I've started couch to 5K I start week 2 this week, I'm trying to get more active and eat healthier! So far it's making me feel 10x better, I don't feel so tired all the time either! 

I'm going to try and update weekly! :blush:

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