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Advice : Currys - 5 year TV Warranty - Replacement Like to Like TV ?

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Bough a Samsung 65 inch 9 Series TV in May 2017which was on offer for £1200. After 2 days the price went up to £1899.

In Dec 2020- I had Red lines on edge of the TV, which Currys TeamKnowHow took for repair but it seems Samsung does not have the part ( Screen) so they have written off and offered a £999 voucher or offer a sub-standard TV.

I have raised a dispute with them and still waiting to hear ....that I would like a "Like to Like TV" as the similar 9 series TV is £1899 ( mine old TV had One connect box/60W 5.1). Although I may have paid low it is still a £1899 TV which they were selling after.

Can you guys advise what are my chances and what if they still don't agree can I take them to small claims court?

Thanks in Advance


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