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Multiple unauthorised transfers from PayPal by 16 year old daughter



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    couriervanmancouriervanman Forumite
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    k3lvc said:
    With respect @maryjane11 you're deluded if you think anyone other than Mother/Daughter are responsible for this and if you are a genuine bystander and you're making any such suggestions to the 'Mother' then for gods sake stop.

    Whichever way it's spun the daughter is responsible and if the claim is that she's not legally of age to be responsible then the Mother certainly is and needs to step up to her parental responsibility
    Mrcsmrs said:
    I can’t understand why you think PayPal should be responsible for any of this. Daughter has stolen from mother, if she’s not prepared to report it and daughter to face the consequences then she can’t expect PayPal to refund her. I have a 16 year old daughter and she knows full well what’s stealing and what isn’t. The daughter should be made to sell her own possessions to the value of the damage. If she’s messing about with PayPal then at the least she has a device to access it. Perhaps that needs rethinking until she can show herself to be responsible enough to be trusted with such. Had my own daughter done something similar I would be selling her phone and iPad to reclaim the funds stolen. Why should PayPal or the banks lose out here? 
    And still the OP will blame PayPal.........we get these sort of stories every month and its never the parents fault that the little darlings have raided credit card/PayPal etc because they have the passwords/pin codes to parents accounts
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    Look - either she reports it as fraud or she sucks it up.

    Firms have a duty to be responsible yes, but the daughter stole the money and you're trying to have your cake and eat it here i.e. daughter enjoys the money and gets off scot free, mum gets the money back, bank or paypal loses out. The only way you will get that resolved, beyond getting extremely lucky with the bank / paypal doing it as a gesture of goodwill (which you won't do with this attitude of blaming them for this situation), is by following the process - report the daughter for fraud and she gets dealt with as a minor by the police or suck up the loss and daughter has to repay it via a job, selling her mobile/tablet etc. Why would paypal be happy with the daughter owing them £1250 when they can't take her to court and any sort of CCJ or negative impact on her credit rating would be gone when she's 22-24, long before she'd need to worry about major credit.
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