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Awful weather - typical Brits talk



  • pink_poppy
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    Aw, Dusty, I'm sorry your neighbour is being so aggressive - you really could do without that. Good thinking about phoning the EA - as taff said, what on earth is he thinking about when he's trying to sell. Honestly, some people...

    Thank you for the gloves and weed suppressant info, btw. The weed suppressant will have to be fairly tough as we'll be walking on it, once it's covered in whatever cheap gravel I can find. It was supposed to be slate, but I think that's going to be too expensive now that I'm not working.

    YBE, that's lovely that you're going to give your cousin some moral support - I'm sure it will be appreciated. We'll miss you on here though.

    Another one thinking about a half barrel pond - I've seen them advertised here but always assumed they were for planting up. I've also seen the full barrels being advertised for making an ice bath. We do already have a pond, but it's a freestyle bodge job made by the previous owners. My poor DH has almost fallen into it a couple of times when he's been cutting the grass :D  

    AR, we had frost here yesterday morning and the previous morning - quite nippy first thing but then beautiful warm sunshine for the rest of the day. I think you might be right with the ivy btw as it's quite congested on the fence with the honeysuckle mixed in with it. I'll give it a good haircut after the birds have finished with it.

    taff - hope you find your mug of tea (sorry, that did make me laugh about the cat) :D  

    Farway, I noticed Aldi had different coloured geraniums outside this morning. Hope your new plants turn up unscathed.

    It's definitely a bit cooler today - I think that's our Scottish Summer over :D 

    'A watched potato will never chit'...
  • pink_poppy
    pink_poppy Posts: 1,537 Forumite
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    I remember years ago I used a washing up bowl as a mini pond - it worked too. My Sister used her daughter's old plastic baby bath - filled with water and stones, with larger stones and plants around the border, it looked pretty good.
    'A watched potato will never chit'...
  • broughton
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    I came on to the forum looking for some gardening advice. I sell plants for charitable causes, mostly cuttings, split perennials etc and as such get through quite a lot of bags of compost. I am staggered at the way compost has gone up in price but worse than that, most peat free bags I buy seem to be poorly composted council waste complete with stones and plastic and don’t get me started on fungus gnats. Today I bought several bags of Levington multipurpose. No better than the bags from Aldi. Wickes’ reviews and pictures look no better. I make my own compost but don’t even get enough to mulch my veg raised beds usually so that’s no good. Has anyone found anything that doesn’t cost the earth ( no pun intended- I don’t approve of peat depletion) that is of a reasonable quality this year??
  • greenbee
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    I've been happy with the bulk bags from Rolawn, which are cheaper than I've found elsewhere. 
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