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Awful weather - typical Brits talk



  • Dustyevsky
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    I've already been told off this morning and had a post removed :grimace: 

    That's a really lovely iris wort. Also, I like your pots :blush:
    Good Lord, I didn't think you could ever be nawty! :D I'm reformed, almost, so these days I only make small blunders, like referencing places where I lived 50 something years ago. :*
    Wort has very good taste; you only need to look at her shrub borders to see they're considered artistically. o:)
    Walking poles: I saw them in Lidl, and then thought, “Nah!” I hate carrying stuff, other than a camera. I've even convinced my walking partner a camera's as heavy as a small bottle of water, so she packs a larger one and we share it. >:)  But seriously, you don't need to feel embarrassed using poles; I've seen people far younger and fitter than me using them on really long treks.
    Some blue sky spotted here this morning, but the drunks assure us a little rain is approaching on the perky wind. We might hit 5c if we're lucky. :/

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  • YoungBlueEyes
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    Ooh I agree, you're very lucky with a visiting robin pp. Fingers crossed for wee babbies soon. I'm glad none of your blackies perished, it's true what they say about red in tooth and claw :'(  Expecting nice pics from Fort William and Glencoe... 

    I wouldn't feel foolish about using walking poles 2p, I always thought they were for proper yompers rather than folks out for a bit of a wander. I remember buying daddy a walking stick but he gave up using it cos it made his wrist hurt so there's definitely right and wrong ways. Do they come with instructions...? 

    If you don't count daffs, primroses, violas and small green things in general my garden's doing ok I think. I've a few buds on various things and a bit of movement on nearly everything. The apple tree is happier than the pear tree though (I'll go get pics in a minute). Still only one bud on the Ska tree but it's still happy enough not to die. My helebore looks well (I think) and I've a little saxifrage that's throwing out tiny wee red buds so that's nice :blush: 

    Weather today is bright greyness but no rain, they say. It hardly rained yesterday, well a few very brief showers that lasted under a minute. Not warm at all though. Not warm this morning either, 2' now and high of 6' and there's not a breath of wind out there. What I should do is see what needs planting in my frankly ridiculously large seed collection but I wanna watch that trial with 2 juries thing that was on this week...
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