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    Definitely a campanula Poppy, the tallest I've ever seen so if you get a name for it do let me know so that I can put it on my wishlist please. Ta very muchly, goldfinches.

    , n. A nutritious substance supplied by a bountiful Providence for the fattening of the poor. 

    from The Devil's Dictionary
    by Ambrose Bierce
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    DB is under the weather mobility-wise at present ,so our visit to Rosemoor with the Garden Club was somewhat restricted. It was far too hot to contemplate walking all the way round anyway. The entrance is always planted with loads of up-market tender perennials that wouldn't stand 5 minutes of winter weather, but it does look impressive:
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    Goodness, you must have been brave/mad (delete as appropriate!), to have attempted that in this heat, Dave 😎   

    Super pics as always, everyone 😄
    The one of mine you commented on, Poppy, was more down to dodgy mobile camera (how all my pics are currently taken) than skill, lol! 

    I'm supposed to be shifting bricks in readiness for our next phase of building work, but having moved a few the other day, I've abandoned it for now... although I have to say it is somewhat cloudier today, so I might manage some later 😉
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    Very little done in the garden other than where I shall move things come the autumn - gazing from a cool (er) kitchen.
    Picking raspberries is the most arduous thing I've done.

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    So much cooler this morning.

    Was very hot yesterday when I was at one of the volunteer sites. We spent a lot of time watering and picking fruit. With the rain followed by hot spells a number of the saplings in the hedge have trebled in size this year. And the stuff in the polytunnels is going great guns although it' not very human friendly in there.

    Not a lot of top fruit; the trees are a bit young and it tends to get quite a lot of frost but loads of soft fruit (and some veggies) over the year.
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    Oh no, sorry to hear about the broken arm. I remember when he broke the first one, didn’t he need surgery on it?? Poor wee soul, I hope this one heals quickly.

    I thought the purple bush looked like a campanula, never seen one like that before though. I think twopenny is right with it being a Lactiflora, goldfinches. There seems to be a purple variety when I googled. I’d love one in my garden too.

    phoebe, I knew it was your dodgy camera that gave the dewy effect, still made for a lovely photo though 😊

    Another hot one here. Out for a walk yesterday and we spotted some seals on land (we didn’t get too close so they didn’t see us). I think the heat was making them grumpy as two of them were winding each other up with one whacking the other one with a flipper and the other one complaining loudly. So funny, although the complaining seal sounded like a cross between the devil 👿 and an Orc 😳😂
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