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    Blisteringly hot again. 27C at 9pm in the house.Garden not much cooler.
    Been around watering and dead heading.
    The roses are rife with blackspot, too much to pick off. Pinks are going over and a couple of Alpine strawberries look like they may not make it.
    Just off to dig out some onions to ripen in this sun.
    The upside is it seems too hot for the aphids that have plagued me and the fruit trees are looking much better leafwise.

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    Some lovely pics there, I’m still in the boot😹 so have been enjoying sitting in the shade with a lovely breeze from across the fields.
    plenty of house martins round here , lots of the houses have apex’s on and the build their nests in them , when my daughter was younger she thought they were 🦇 bats. As they flit around so much. 
    Just washed pillows so need to peg out. 
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    One of the large campanulas Poppy?  :)
    Been to later! B)
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