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    edited 8 September 2020 at 6:32AM
    We managed a proper no spend day yesterday  :)

    I also managed to get the hedge cut in the front garden before rain stopped play. I'm hoping that it will stay dry enough today that I can get the grass on the front cut and some weeds pulled.

    It won't be a no spends day today as I am ordering a half sheep and a steak box to stock up the freezer and the other half is going to visit his step father after work so will be late home. As a treat he is going to pick us a KFC up on the way home.

    Today's other jobs include:
    • Vacuuming the house (done at 7am)
    • Cutting the grass front and back
    • Walking the dog x 2
    • Dusting the house
    • Load of washing, fingers crossed the dryer actually dries today as it has been playing up!
    • Oh and I am working from home today as well
  • Not gone well with the washer dryer. It is not drying again :(

    On the plus side I have managed to get a load of washing and a load of bedding washed and dried outside strewn all over the patio set. I really must get a retractable washing line put up in the garden!

    Going to have to get the washing machine out and strip it down. We suspect a blockage in the drain pipe at the machine end.

    On the plus side jobs are going well and getting ticked off. The vacuuming is done, two loads of washing done, grass cut front and back and weeds pulled front and back. Not done the dusting yet and walked the dog once and in between that lot I have got a fair bit of work work done as well :)
  • RelievedSheff
    RelievedSheff Posts: 11,113
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    £80 paid to credit card 2 today which will reduce the balance on this card to about £590 although I need to confirm this once the monthly statement for the account is produced. 

    Other than the above payment to the credit card it will be a no spend day today. I have made the other half's packed lunch, my lunch will be something from the fridge and dinner tonight is pork chops, sweet potato wedges and veggies that we already have in stock. Speaking of which the lamb and beef that I ordered yesterday is due to arrive this morning so that will see the new freezer mostly filled up. Just need to order the pork and chicken next week and then we will have enough meat to last us through most of this winter.

    Today's jobs include:
    • Working from home
    • Cleaning the bathrooms
    • Cleaning the windows
    • Walking the dog x 2
  • RelievedSheff
    RelievedSheff Posts: 11,113
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    edited 10 September 2020 at 6:55AM
    Another no spend day today. When I started this diary I didn't realise just how many no spend days we do normally achieve in a week.

    Breakfast was cereals, the other half has a packed lunch with him for work, jacket potato for me for lunch and a mixed fish platter tonight for dinner with stuff from the fridge and freezer. 

    Today's jobs will be:
    • working from home
    • a load of washing and hanging it outside to dry
    • pruning the olive trees in the front garden
    • cleaning the kitchen
    • waxing the dining table
    • walking the dog x 2
  • The cupboards are a creamy colour. Think it is the light making them look grey in the pictures  :)

    The 0% finishes on the other half's CC1 in December so we really want to keep the payment on that card at the £150 to clear the balance by then and have that one card paid off and close the account to prevent any further spending on that card.

    The extra £46 from my debt 1 which will be paid off next month is going straight onto CC3 to help reduce that balance more quickly.

    We would like to have CC2 cleared and closed down before we remortgage in April purely as it is one less payment a month to juggle and as a bit of a moral boost. I know it leaves most of the debt in my name but we hope that when we next come to remortgage in a further five years that all of the debt will be gone.

    Our mortgage advisor doesn't think we will have a problem getting the mortgage we require to remortgage in April assuming that the mortgage market stays broadly similar to where we stand now. We are well in on the affordability even taking account of the debts as they currently stand, no late payments in over six years with a CCJ for £279 that was awarded and satisfied in 2015. He is confident we will be on high street rates.
  • Well it obviously works for you and life seems good even with the debt (beautiful kitchen!). That's what I like about the diaries really...happiness doesn't depend on spending! I shall look forward to chicken and pork week!
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