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Student loans and pensions

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    Delete33 wrote: »

    Been fighting a virus all week too...
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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    Fcuk Em!!!!!!!!!!!! MARKOS72:cool:
  • I have recieved the letter from the ombudsmen so I will email quick quid today.
    There is no mention of the 8% shall I mention it to Qq or do they not have to give it to me as its not stated by the FOS
  • Hi all,

    Quick update regarding QQ. I had a call from the adjudicator today asking for bank statements and credit report. I sent the initial complaint to the FOS on 11th July so this gives an idea of the timescale they are working on at the minute.

    He told me that QQ hadn't sent any of the information requested, surprise surprise!
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    Thats slow quid for you, same happened to me. Sent all bank statements for 6 years banking and my credit report from Experian £2 on line.:cool:
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    AdamsssssAdamsssss Forumite
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    Delete33 wrote: »
    Thats slow quid for you, same happened to me. Sent all bank statements for 6 years banking and my credit report from Experian £2 on line.:cool:
    I was asked to provide bank statements covering the three months before and one month after each loan. There wasn't much of a gap in between so he got pretty much everything from me too!

    Pretty much every loan I had was either rolled over or went into a repayment plan. First loan rolled over 5 times - paid 6 months after being taken out. Re-loaned the same day I paid it off, again rolled over 5 times. Same thing each time... hopefully they find in my favour!
  • Delete33Delete33 Forumite
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    Hi Adamsssss, just be aware that QQ are fighting the FOS saying that some loans did not have to be paid every month, some were over 3 months etc. These were not however Flexi loans.:cool:
  • Thanks for the advice. The last loan I had with them was a flex loan. This was granted after it had taken me 12 months to pay off the previous loan which was a standard loan!
  • Well I decided to get back involved with two loans providers who have been particularly threatening and difficult to deal with:

    Peachy - Originally rejected my complaint, and threatened to report me to the police for application fraud if I escalated it to the FOS. Well I'm calling their bluff. It will probably only be worth a few hundred, but they also registered a default against me. So the main objective is to get that removed, the money would be a bonus.

    247 Moneybox - I'm still astonished that the complaint went all the way to the ombudsmen and was rejected, so I'm threatening them with escalating it to the small claims court, which the FOS advices was my next move if I still wasn't happy. I'm hoping this threat will result in them at least redressing my credit file, which is again, my primary objective.

    I'm very happy with the outcome so far, these two would just be the cherry on top.
  • Not heard anything from Quick Quid yet!!
    Will this ever end?!?!?!
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