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    Only someone who lives in an identical house to yours can answer that. You're actually the best qualified to answer from previous years' data.

    To be clear, you say you "went for 14,000kWh gas and 2,000kWh electricity", but they're not going to cut you off when you've used it. You've signed them up as your supplier and they'll supply as much as you want to use.  You're making monthly payments on the basis of your annual consumption estimates - if you use more you'll have to pay more, if you use less you'll not need to pay as much.
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    @ filou  Time now for some disciple with your energy.

    Check that the final bill from your present supplier uses the readings you will be giving to LE as part of your switch.

    Get into the habit of reading your meter monthly and give it to LE - don't wait for LE to ask. Keep your own records - simple spreadsheet will do. Download the bills from LE - read them, make sure they are using your readings, watch out for that bottom for - credit or debit.

    Let us know if your guesstimated consumption proves to be correct.

    Never pay on an estimated bill
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