Martin Lewis: Working from home due to coronavirus, even for a day? Claim TWO years' worth of tax re

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    What you have been told is complete and utter rubbish.

    I would say you shouldn't under any circumstances make a non standard claim.

    You have clearly got an unhelpful or poor quality adviser.

    Just be because you cannot claim via the Micro Service doesn't mean you cannot claim the simplified expenses of £312.

    I would phone again explaining you are having IT issues and that you want to claim Covid-19 WFH expenses of £312 for 2020:21 and 2021:22 (if due this year).  Should be a very short call and simple for HMRC to do.

    The tax saving is between £0 and, in extreme cases £190.  Most people save £60-£62.
    Called HMRC again. “Can’t do it over the phone anymore. P87. You have to do a P87” The guidance has changed!

    oh and you have to print it and post it!! What?? 
    Seems bizarre.

    Did you try and claim starring here??

    yes, this is where I claimed the first time and then tried for 2020/2021. Even that page seems a bit changed now as there used to be hyperlinked working from home for coronavirus reasons option at the top and it’s now been removed. It now says in one of the paragraphs at the bottom that one of the reasons you can claim for is coronavirus. As I said before, when you click on this you are asked (well, I was asked) to provide a figure for the expenses paid by me and by my employer. Filled that form in the end with an approximate estimate and submitted it. Will wait and see how quickly they get back with anything.

    Thank you for all your help! 
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    If you have tried claiming actual costs rather than the £6/week then expect a long wait.

    In my experience HMRC look far closer at such claims compared to the simple £6/week and may refuse your claim.

    £6/week is the way to go for Covid-19 WFH claims in my humble opinion.
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