Travel refunds

 I totally understand the rational about considering travel credit instead of refunds as the cash flow maybe a problem for airlines. However I see this is not a oroblem for easyjet who recently gave share holder and owner millions in bonuses.
Have I got this wrong? the £371 I m owed doesnt seem an amount to break the company in the light if this information


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    The Ryanair refund thread is here

    If you want help with your refund
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    Is there a thread about what Emirates are doing to people?
    @MSE_Callum Emirates also need exposing - and being long haul, the sums are higher, per flight/person. 

    They are refusing refunds completely, no refund option.  Only vouchers or a partial refund of the taxes.

    In my case, they owe me nearly £2000 for cancelled flights to Australia (end of March) and whilst I paid by credit card, I can't use section 75 of the CCA because we bought the tickets via a booking agent.  And vouchers are no good because the reason for the trip is no longer there, and won't be in the future.  The agent is only being told 'vouchers or partial taxes refund'.  Emirates website says the same.

    At this rate, I will end up suing them and have done successfuly before v Monarch, and got an out of court full settlement under EC261/2004.  I'm not legally trained but I represent people in court v very nasty parking firms with 100% win rate thus far, so I am someone who will confidently sue Emirates, if I have to.
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    Good work, glad to see Martin telling people they don't have to settle for vouchers 
    New User name as MSE gave me a number in my old one.
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  • Liz2702
    I tried to get a cash refund, they gave me the run around but eventually sent a voucher. Said I could request cash, but would be placed in a queue. This queue would not be started on until AFTER the coronavirus pandemic has ended. Anybody's guess when that will be
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    Promised a refund, told would take a while but was quite prepared to wait because I realised they would be extremely busy because of Coronavirus, then received a voucher which I didn’t want😔so unfair, can’t get though on chat again wait for ever then it cuts off😡Have actually made a wee file of emails from them promising a refund, not that it’ll do me any good ☹️
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    Got link to refund but tells me I’ve already applied and won’t let me do it again 😡so I’m stuffed😢
  • Moustachemanuk
    RYANAIR DEBACLE .... yes , I too am one of the VICTIMS of this unscrupulous bunch.... they keep offering Travel Voucher  for a flight that THEY cancelled , I want REFUND , they send emails still pushing  for me to accept Travel Voucher ,  I WANT REFUND.. when I follow links from email  to their Helpcentre , OR even the link posted on MSE ,  I get to the ROBOT ,  then NEVER get to "chat" to human ( even after a 3 hour with in the queue !!).. they say Refunds AFTER COVID-19 ( why ?) ... but there is absolutely NO WAY to further claim for refund... WE SHOULD ALL PUSH THE GOVERNMENT TO INSTRUCT THESE THIEVES TO PAY REFUNDS IMMEDIATELY... 
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    MSE and Martin Lewis are just jumping on the bandwagon to grab headlines because it's the infamous airline....

    - ABTA agents offering credit notes that convert to cash after 12 months - nothing said 

    - TUI offering credit notes within 4 weeks of your travel date, which you then have to ring for a refund with no timescale - nothing said 

    - Ryanair issue credit notes that you have to contact them to convert to refund with no timescale - MSE and ML jump all over it and report to CAA trading standards, because it's Ryanair and they know it will get them in the headlines.  

    I'm not defending Ryanair, I'm not saying MSE/ML shouldn't highlight the issues consumers are facing. But any number of airlines and travel companies are acting in a similar manner. The time would better be used trying to seek clarity from Government bodies on what is and is not acceptable. 

    Feels like a PR stunt worthy of Michael O'Leary himself!
  • LeeCT5UK
    I too received a voucher, weeks after requesting a refund. Can find details about “being added to refund queue” but not actually how to do so and was surprised - after already waiting almost 6wks - to find it saying they won’t even be looking at, let alone start processing, any refunds until AFTER the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. 1) Who knows when that will be?  2) What happens if they go bust in the meantime? Then will not have had my refund and the voucher will not be worth anything either. Can they actually do this?
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