Poor Brickwork - Do I have a case? (Persimmon)

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Poor Brickwork - Do I have a case? (Persimmon)

edited 26 February at 12:34PM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
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clarkey01clarkey01 Forumite
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edited 26 February at 12:34PM in House Buying, Renting & Selling

Hope this is the right place!
I've recently completed on a Kendal (Dec 2019) and it became clear there were some issues with the brickwork.
Now there was been some remedial work done by Persimmon and they did rebuild our front Pilar which was horrific however they are now saying the rest of my complaints are just down to 'Aesthetics' and the Site Manager along with the Contracts manager told me that no further work will go ahead replacing bricks.

It's currently logged with the NHBC and to help with visibility I've created a Youtube clip firstly going over my house then comparing to an earlier Kendal and of course the Showhouse.
Here is a link to an instagram account;
I keep getting told that these aren't issues and they are within tolerances? am I just being picky?
Persimmon keeps referring to a change of brick (from Clay to Concrete) as to why my house looks different to earlier Kendals but surely that shouldn't mean I have chips/cracks and uneven walls?

It's caused a fair bit of stress and at this point, I feel like a mug for having ignored that bad press however when I do look around the estate I do see some good brickwork so what gives? I am just unlucky?

Any advice would be appreciated



  • tom9980tom9980 Forumite
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    Employ a professional snagger to survey the entire property, it will cost but at least gives you some more ammo to have a go at them. They will keep fobbing you off unless you show you mean business.
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  • Decepcionada19Decepcionada19 Forumite
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    I've just watched your YT clip and I'm shocked by the obvious shoddy materials used and the poor workmanship. That the so-called Site Manager and Contracts Manager can sign that off is unbelievable. Close to where I live, a few homeowners who bought Persimmon new builds have had all sorts of really serious problems. I hope all goes well for you.
  • clarkey01clarkey01 Forumite
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    Thanks for the reply Decepcionada19.

    persimmon were starting to make me question my own judgement by saying “I can’t see what you’re seeing” and “that’s just aesthetics ” which was making me feel like I was either delusional or have unrealistic expectations.

    they said they only change a few bricks to make me happy rather than actually address any fault they could see.

  • StubodStubod Forumite
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    !!! OMG !!!! Truly appalling workmanship and materials, I would not be happy with that. I think the site manager et all are trying to pull a flanker as apart from ripping it all down and starting again I am not sure what else you can do?!
  • FreeBearFreeBear Forumite
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    Decepcionada19 said: I've just watched your YT clip and I'm shocked by the obvious shoddy materials used and the poor workmanship.
    Some of those bricks, I would call "seconds". OK for the inner leaf or external where they would be hidden behind a layer of render. Certainly not good enough for a facing brick open to full view. After watching that YT vid, the one that followed on autoplay was even more enlightening - :eeks:
    Also reminded me of a bit a couple of years ago of low quality motar being used - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46454844
    When you get a survey done, might be worth getting a sample of the mortar tested. More ammunition if you need it.

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    DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    edited 13 February at 1:54AM
    Oh God. 
    What do we say?  I'd say you have the 'might' of them against you, but the actual word is apathy.  

    You know the show home?  It has, to all intents  and purposes, rising damp. I am not a believer in rising damp, but when it crosses a brand spanking new DPM and DPC, I'm not sure what else to call it.  Yes t will be a defect, but it's an embarrassment.  

    If you're using that as the shining example of workmanship, I'd point out the blatant defect. 

    Site manager clearly doesn't care, or that house wouldn't exist.  
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  • scholesfan88scholesfan88 Forumite
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    With all the documentaries and bad press surrounding Persimmon, I find it mind boggling that people still purchase their homes.

    I would certainly take it further and as had already been suggested, a snagging survey would be my starting point.
  • homeless9homeless9 Forumite
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    I am no expert on brickwork, but it looks terrible throughout.
    Chipped bricks. Uneven surface (not smooth).

    And that Pillar.......what the actual hell. Looks like how someone might put together a shanty hut in a third world country.

    Looks like the whole house needs knocking down and rebuilding to me.

    No idea about the process to make that happen. Surely you can't be forced to accept the house like this? Can't believe this happens in the UK. Good luck.
  • clarkey01clarkey01 Forumite
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    What's strange is there are houses on the estate which look good and up to standard and speaking with the people who live in them they all seem happy.
    They've changed brick midway through this estate and have gone from clay to concrete which is what they are telling me.
    Around 12 bricks have been changed on my request however they said at present they will do no more.

    It's logged with the NHBC and I believe the construction director is coming out.  

    I kind of feel relieved hearing some of these replies as Persimmon (Contracts manager, site manager, sales manager, Surveyor) are leading me to feel I'm being difficult and they can't go any further to make me 'happy'. 

  • chunkytfgchunkytfg Forumite
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    Is it me or at 1.30 does the brick spacing appear wrong?  I thought normal bricks were supposed to be spaced 50:50?
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